sleigh ride

I'd been waiting for the perfect snowfall to take some pics to send my grandparents of G enjoying his new little sled. You know, the kind of snowflakes that stay on your nose and eyelashes. This week we had an opportune afternoon to take him for a spin on the frozen pond behind our house. I am such a sucker for b+w pics in the snow. I just love the dramatic contrasts.


frayedattheedge said...


The K Family said...

Beautiful pics! I've only seen snow about a handful of times. When you live in AZ you don't see much of it.

Cassie said...

Isn't he just the most cutie little thing tucked up under all his blankets! Black and white snow shots really are the best xx

kt mac said...

oh wow!
Stunning photos.

G should be a baby model you know - he's just so gorgeous and photogenic!!

bethany said...

The snow really does make for a fantastic black and white situation...the adorable little guy helps too. :)

Strange thought, but are you ever too old to be towed in a sled? I say no. :)

sheena said...

love love love your blog!!

thanks for stopping by:)