happy. happy. february

Hello all. Happy Love month! If you know me, you know that February is one of my all-time favorites. There's just so much to celebrate:
Sparkly, glittered hearts hanging from the chandie above our kitchen table.
The candy aisle overflowing with chocolate treats and the color pink.
The big my birthday + heart day + Jeff's birthday sandwich (it's one fun week for us!) not to mention a bunch of other fam+friends birthdays throughout the month. You know who you are. ;)

An excuse to show love. Not that anyone needs one.

A simple winter holiday that can be celebrated by hangin' in, baking cookies, and crafting. No rush or shopping madness necessary. What are your celebrating plans?
A quickie of a month that will bridge the gap to winter's grand finale. (Sidenote: I'd nearly forgotten how horribly loooong winter is here. The snowstorm yesterday was pretty and all, but I am done. I am seriously dying to break out the ballet flats and flippy floppies again. Are you with me?)
And this month, we are taking a week vacay to visit Jeff's fam + some of our dear friends in WA. Can't even wait.


Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Love your sparkly hearts!

{lovely little things} said...

Pretty hearts, love the sparklies!

Jen @ homeinthecountry said...

Pretty sparkly hearts!

Winters in MN are long, aren't they? Even if you embrace them. They. just. don't. end.

Stay warm! :)

kt mac said...

the hearts are beautiful... I am feeling inspired to create some love craftyness for valentines :)

Hope u have a great time with your fam! I will be in WA next month - how crazy is that :)
did u ever check out the 'Real Life Blog' btw?

Cassie said...

Must be celebration month all over - we are just the same this month!
Enjoy all the wonderful little celebrations xx

MrsAngieW said...

Love the hearts! No snow here in Washington and actually not to much rain either so a good time to visit ;)

marta said...

sparkling darling. your blog is bursting with goodness.