1st christmas

And finally, 2 weeks later, after our Christmas tree has been exiled to the garage and our closets have been reorganized, it's time for a little Christmas recap. Gone but not forgotten--Graham's first Christmas--2009. We spent 4 full days at my parents' and managed to dodge the blizzard. There, snowed and snuggled in, we thoroughly enjoyed the snow glistening. It was the quintessential white Christmas, although it felt a little weird missing the Christmas Eve service at church (canceled!). My whole entire family made it home for Christmas this year, which was no small feat. 12 people, 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 crazy Christmas and a partridge in a pear tree.
Lucky G, he had some great bonding time with his cousin Elijah. They are just 14 months apart, so it will be awesome to see the adventures and mischief the two lads share as they grow up together. Above the duo are all bundled up (or in the words of Eli, "playing snowman") and taking a joy ride in the sled. Graham got a similar little wooden sled as a gift from his great-grandparents (see above). We are waiting for it to warm up (as in, above 0 degrees, which is obscene) so we can take it out for a spin!
I. love. this. picture. The boys are so serious, it is hilarious. As my brother said, they both look like they have fat pension plans and retirement homes...Or maybe just Harvard-bound babes with encyclopedias and chemistry sets wrapped under the tree?
Here's our little threesome, G rockin' the horse from grandma+grandpa, and his first lick of sugar cookie. Mmmmmm. Graham had a magical 1st Christmas and hopes you did too!


Susan said...

What special pics of your darlin' boy's first Christmas! Sounds like your parents had a full house! I'll bet it was crazy busy, but delightful! Let's hope it warms up! 32 degrees would still be cold enough to keep the snow from melting and compared to zero would feel downright balmy! I'll look forward to more pics of Graham in his new sled. My kids always LOVED being bundled up and dashing through the snow!

daniella said...

The photos are absolutely precious and timeless. LOOVE the color effect you put on them, maknig them look a little vintagy. And that sleigh looks a lot like mine from when I was a kid.

Even though you didn't get to go to Church on Christmas Eve, I think it was awesome that you got to spend time with family snowed in. It's like God put a hush on everything and said "Be still and know that I am God."

Bluebelle said...

Awww, I love that cute pension plan photo! Bless them, I'm sure they'll be getting up to plenty of mischief in the future together!

Happy New Year!

Nikki said...

What a blessed, white Christmas! I love the photo of Elijah and Graham together, so very somber and serious. What funny boys!

adhocmom said...

Very sweet. . we stayed in New York, and these photos almost make me sad we didn't go back to the midwest for Christmas.

{lovely little things} said...

He's so cute! Happy New Year!

Chelle said...

I cannot get over that photo of E + G...with their stern little looks...those two gentlemen make quite a cute twosome. So glad to hear your Christmas was so merry.

Bryn said...

Shae got this same sled!!