Here's to visiting great friends!

A steal of a plane ticket landed me right here in breezy San Fran! Don't be confused by my Midwest accent, Jessica bestowed me the honor of being her first ever guest blogger! My name is Amy and I'm from Madison, W.I. , and here is a glimpse into my first 2 days in this hilly city! Jessica picked me up from the airport at 11am with my sewing machine in tote (probably the weirdest item I've ever checked) we have big crafting plans to execute while I'm here. For the record the sewing tote was 3 times heavier and bigger than my suitcase. We didn't waste a minute...off to the farmers' market to do some wandering; then a tour of the adorable neighborhoods with the painted ladies (as seen on previous posts).

We meandered through the streets of Chinatown,

sampling fresh fortune cookies and being charged 50 cents to capture the moment.
I got to experience my first ride on the Muni (what the locals call they're electric city buses) to go see where Jess' adorable husband Jeff works. While we waited for him to finish his shift we took in some of the local street corner talent.

Can anyone else vouch for me that street dancing is sexy? Jessica claims I was drooling....but it had to be that I was just hungry!

Famished from the days activities we decide to take the Boudin bakery tour in order to better educated ourselves on the art of sourdough bread making...and to get the samples at the end. During out delicious dinner we met an adorable local named Ricky who divulged some of the local clubbin' hot spots for one of the week's later activities. We decide to cap the night off by over-indulging in some Ghirrardelli dessert. After a day like that (and not having had any sleep the night before) I rolled into bed!

Today was the day for windey wine country. We made a pit stop at the beginning of our day at an adorable antique shop called Sonoma Country Antiques that imports handmade English housewares. Minutes later we discovered the art of sparkling wine-making and sampled some of the sparkling wines from the Gloria Ferrer Champagne Caves.

Hug a Tree!

Needing a bit of fresh air after experiencing a bit of motion sickness (the roads are so windey!) we decided to take in the amazing sights and fresh air of the Muir Woods. After seeing trees that we felt had some unspoken stories we realized that it may be our calling to write children's books about the giant redwoods. (Coming soon to a book store near you!)

This is only day 2 to of my 5 day adventure so tune in for more of my Cali getaway...this is Amy Thierer signing off =)


Casey said...

sounds like a great time!!! that tree is huge!! very cool. San Fran is on my list of cities to visit...

Jenny said...

Hey Amy it's was fun to read your guest post. Sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun. You'll have to post pictures of your craft projects you guys are working on. I'm jealous you are on vacation in Cali and I have to pack to go to Eau Claire. Hope you guys continue to have fun. Enjoy your vacay.

Fairlightday said...

Aren't girlfriends the best? :) Love the tree picture and can't wait to read that book to my little ones. Have lots of fun and enjoy the visit together.

alyssa said...

Love the "guest blogger" and also the picture of ya'll huggin' a tree! Enjoy your girlie time!!

dbruzas@msn.com said...

Enjoy every minute of your time together! And what a treat to meet you Amy. Loved the pictures and descriptions. Can't wait to see and hear more of your girlie-time!