the adventure

Life has been action-packed lately...it seems that I've been away from blogging for too long, so forgive me if I'm rusty and/or wordy tonight! We said a sad farewell to Amy at 4:30am this morning when we dropped her off to catch her crack-o-dawn flight. (Tears, yawns) I am excited to share just a few pics from our wild adventures. You're probably wondering about the picture above, right?
That's just Amy doing a handstand on a folding chair at the beach. Yes, we had a little play time at the beach on Thursday--we met up with some of our newfound S.F. friends and went on a little adventure. After scaling down a mighty Pacific cliff, we spent a little time on our own private, unnamed beach at Land's End. That's where we found the folding chair and knew it was time for a photo shoot:

Jeff's wind-up.
Jeff's pitch.

We all need play-days to nourish the kids in us. I quickly snapped back from the magic to grown-up mode when I realized afterward there 6 stinky, sandy, sopping shoes and 3 equally filthy jeans and kids in my neat, clean house...

No, this isn't a Banana Republic ad, it's us (me, Ames, Matt, Jeff, & Dan) at Zachary's after a busy day of adventures. Zachary's has the best pizza in the world and is so worth the hike to Oakland. Amazing crusts. Amazing sauce. Amazing, choking amounts of delish cheese. Amazing everything. Enough said.

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