time for the ladies

My friend Amy is visiting this week! It is quite wonderful for me to have some girl-time with a BFF. Plus, it's the first time she's ever visited S.F., so it'll be a blast to play tour guide and run around to all of the gorgeous S.F. sights...Something I don't always get to do when I'm stuck in the daily grind, on the muni (bus) between home and work. On the agenda: touring, shopping, beaching, hiking, photoshooting, eating out, and of course, spending a little time with my very favorite painted ladies (photo from flickr) at Alamo Square. Plus, we have some important craft projects to catch up on, which I promise to share! I'm excited to begin chipping away at my to-do list from designsponge. Happy Tuesday everyone!


Casey said...

sounds like a fun time!!

Sweet Roses & Vintage Chique said...

Hoi Jessica,

You left a message on my post to Pay it Forward and the Random number thing picked your comment. If you would like to recieve a handmade gift from me just email me! See my blog for the 'rules'.

Have a great day!