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Another delicious day of discovery in our new city! I knew the Ferry Building Farmers' Market was something that we'd need to check out sooner, rather than later. So glad we did! (P.S. If you've read this far, you can thank Jeff for dreaming up that clever pun of a title...Fresh=farmers' market produce.) Not sure what it is about farmers' markets...Maybe it has something to do with buying amazingly fresh ingredients directly from the growers, maybe its wandering from tent to tent with a surprise at each stop, maybe its the succulent samples, or maybe its just being outside next to the S.F. Bay? Whatever the draw is, it was a very happy Saturday indeed. Much of the food sold is completely organic and from family farms. Rock on! Randomly, we were able to score another adventure with free downtown parking! I'm beginning to think that one of these serendipitous free parking finds is also going to score the dear car a tow truck ride...At any rate, we enjoyed our adventure and were forever grateful to see our car still in the free parking spot where we left it. Our only mistake was that we went grocery shopping the night before! The next time we hit the Ferry Building, we will remember to go with an empty fridge and empty tummies!

Did you know that hydrangeas are the most gorgeous flowers of all time? They make me very happy!

No jokes, this girl totally rocked the market! Not even polka...I've never heard an accordion jam quite like it. Sorry, no sound clips.

And visiting the farmers market reminded me how much I need to start sewing my next bag...I would love to have a tote bag for such occasions and I've been eyeing this clever idea from Martha's gang (above). What do you think? Now to find a vintage pillow case...As with all great finds, it's all about the hunt. :)

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