What a treat! While inspiration-hunting for setting up my scrapbook nook, I discovered flickr and all the sweets from around the world that it has to offer. Two hours later...my very first mosaic. So inspired by this gorgeousity I simply had to share. Enjoy!

1. the stash, 2. simply white., 3. 10 Things: pink grapefruit, 4. lunch*tray*lovin, 5. The simple pleasures in life. II, 6. The French-Inspired Home, 7. Cupcakes, 8. Shabby chic Dose, 9. laundry


Jenny said...

I love your blog, so cute, very you. I love the collage that you made reminds me of Elsie a bit. Sorry I didn't tell you about my blog. Looks like things are going well for you in Cali. I'll try to visit you when I can. I miss you.

swell.life said...

jenny- it probably reminds you of els b/c the 'lunch tray lovin' photo is one of hers. so glam and adorable! have you checked out her flickr pics?