what a difference a day makes

...24 little hours and we have answered prayers! When I woke up this morning, I was dilly-dallying in my jams as usual, waiting for noon to roll around so that I could head to my 'big' interview here. After hearing nothing for 1 month, it seemed like the right choice! Then, out of the freaking blue, I get a phone call and all I remember was "I am wondering if you've taken another position?...Well, this is a formal offer...Wonderful! We're looking forward to you joining our team on the PEDIATRIC CARDIAC INTENSIVE CARE UNIT at UCSF!" I was speechless. I freaked out. I jumped up and down a lot...I am so excited! I have definitely learned a lesson in patience. (Thank you & praise you, God!!) Whew, I was expecting that call 1 month ago, and had considered that a closed-door-no-go 3 weeks ago. But what a difference a day makes! So here's the scoop: My wonderful, official nurse job doesn't start until mid-October. In the mean time, I am studying like a freak for NCLEX (boards), catching up on scrapbooking, finishing the settling-in at our apt. (pics coming--promise!), and potentially working at Starbucks!? We'll see, but I have renewed hope about everything. Life in San Fran was totally meant to be!

While I'm busy bragging, I must highlight a few other recent accomplishments: 1) Saturday, I conquered my irrational fear of public transportation and rode Muni all by myself on my way back from Fisherman's Wharf to visit my dear friend, Kari from nursing school...and we have the pic to prove it! Kari moved to Ft. Collins, CO after college (we're the proud adventurers), and happened to be in S.F. on vaca with her aunt, uncle, & cousin. It was so wonderful to have a familiar face to chat with in this wild city! 2) I am an official S.F. DRIVER! Like I said, this city is wild...Wild hills, wild "Cali-honk"ing drivers, wildly narrow streets without left turn lanes...And after a few weeks, I've finally forced myself to get behind the wheel. Yay!

Alright, that's enough bragging! Just had to share my happy news! Thanks so much for reading & sharing my joy! Oh, and one more thing...I changed the settings on this blog so that anyone can drop comments. That means yoU! No worries if you don't have an official google account.

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Paul said...

Hey, Jessica (and Jeff), congrats on the job! It sounds like you're enjoying SF, we're enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work. We're driving out to Boulder, CO tomorrow and officially moving at the beginning of August. Peace, Paul and Megan