take a peek

Welcome, welcome, welcome to our new S.F. apartment! Since it might be awhile before many of you can come and check out our new digs, we'll have to settle for the next best thing...The photo tour! Above is our humble guest beddy...I must admit, I like this one best! ;) It's in a lovely, warm, sunny spot tucked against the windows in our multi-purpose computer/craft/guest room! I say it's the perfect place to sprawl out read mags and/or sort pics...Jeff says it's the perfect place for a quick cuddle break. You decide. The room also comes equipped with a triple closet. *Love* this feature! Open up the doors and...TA DA!

MY VERY OWN SCRAPBOOK NOOK! It's not quite broken in yet, but it's a start! To our complete amazement, this desk/bookshelf tucked itself perfectly into the closet. Let me tell you, it is a delightful day when you have more closet space than junk to store in it! It's so fun to have a practical use for a closet and a sensible place for my craftastrophes. Plus (and my mom would appreciate this), I can simply close the doors on the chaos that ensues when I get on a roll with my crafting. No more clearing off the dining room table 3x per day--Yes!

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