summer bucket list . 2012

When temperatures soared last weekend and our AC went kaput, it finally hit me that summer IS here and will go oh-so-fast, because it always does.  Enter the summer bucket list, a reminder for me to slow down, enjoy, and not miss all the season has to offer:

: make homemade lemonade
: twins game
: go camping
: make s'mores
: let G stay up late to watch fireworks
: family dates/day trips, once a week
: landscape our front lawn. seriously, this is so needed!
: remember to water flowers
: play at the pool
: play at the park
: visit a pizza farm
: sidewalk chalk
: take G fishing
: clean the garage
: garage sale?
: clean the basement
: re-finish my new antique hutch
(can't wait to share that one. my best side-of-the-road find YET!)
: vacation in cali
: visit the farmer's market weekly
: ride our bikes
: eat waffle cones
: walk around the lakes
: play at the beach
: invite our neighbors over for a backyard BBQ

I'd love to hear it--what is on your summer bucket list?


Anonymous said...

Hey Jess! Cool to see your back to the blog!!

Katie said...

We must have similar great minds!! I just posted my summer bucket list last week (http://explanationrequired.blogspot.com/2012/06/summer-fun-list.html) and will be sharing about making homemade lemonade tomorrow. Too funny!

Leslie said...

where in CALI?????? Spill it.
close by.

Kathryn said...

such a great list! haha love that remembering to water your plants is on there. I need to make me one of these so I don't end up lazing around every weekend :)

write in tights said...

Hope you achieved all of these!
Eat waffle cones sounds like a plan...