the sweetest time of day

Every afternoon, sometime between the hours of 3 and 4pm, something magic happens.  My sweet little boy wakes up from his nap, saunters out of his big boy bed, stands at the top of the stairs, and calls for me. He is crabby, needy, and cuddly.  I am happy and fulfilled because I've had just enough quiet time to cross something imminent off my long list.

It is the most welcomed interruption.

And so I plop down on the familiar hardwood floors, pull him onto my lap, kiss his sweaty blonde waves, and we snuggle.  All is well with the world.  I savor those warm, wonderful moments that quickly melt into a tickle fight or demand for a sippy cup of milk.  Someday in the not-too-distant future, I will desperately miss our peaceful snuggle sessions.  I do believe it is one of the utmost joys of motherhood. 



Adirondack Patterns said...

I know the feeling~glad to see you back! I was surprised when you showed up in my reader. Graham is precious!

Miss G said...

Jessica, thank you so much for this post. I have struggled with this time of day because I'll usually be in the middle of something when I hear that grumpy wake up cry and I'm just ready to get back to what I was doing. You have helped to change my attitude over the last couple of weeks. Thank you! Kelly

Sarah Dawneé said...


Such a precious time with your sweet little one. =)

Helen - And Who Says You Cant? said...

My little man is 6 and let me tell you, he is all about peer acceptance these days and anything loving towards me in public is seriously frowned upon. However, without fail, every single morning, the minute we see eachother, there is a magical twinkle in his eyes (and mine) and we hug asthough we haven't seen eachother in years. Long may these moments with our little men continue!