clean happy : shower gift

Full disclosure: when it comes to cleaning, I am terribly, hopelessly unmotivated.  Pre-G, my household tidy factor was at least okay, but in the last 3 years it has steadily fallen.  So often, when perusing the shelves at Target, I lust for pretty cleaning products with fancy colors, wonderful smells, and exceptionally-designed labels...Of course they also are all eco-friendly, locally made and horribly expensive.  If I bought them all, I wonder if my house would be a significantly better place.  And then I pass, because common sense gets the better of me, and after all, baking soda and vinegar are awesome.

But I'd always wanted to put such fun things in a gift basket, because perhaps I'm not the only one who needs beautiful things with which to clean her home.  So I did.  And here is the finished product:

I gifted this little bucket-o-goodies together to my co-worker and friend, Lindsay, who is getting married next weekend.  Sometimes I am naughty and get tired of digging through registries to find something to give that still feels personal. Since Linds and her fiance also just closed on their first house, I thought it would be fun to bundle a shower + housewarming gift all into one.


Valley Girl said...

Goodness that is a fantastic idea!!!!! I do love me some Mrs. Meyers products around this house...what a great gift for weddings or house warmings.

Becca said...

So glad to see you blogging again, glad we finally caught up again, that dress is so you, these cleaning products are so sweet-best gift idea ever, you have such a way with photos and words. I'm so so proud of you and Jeff and your bus.

LeeLu Creations said...

Such a cute gift! I also love Mrs. Meyers. Normally I would not pay that much but it smells fabu!

H. said...

What a cute and original gift! I love this idea and can't wait to use it :)