easter inspiration and a banner giveaway!

the happy easter holiday is nearly here! i've had pretty pastel things on my mind all week. i've been working on some styling for our mini sessions on sunday. {p.s. we still have a couple slots left, last minute!} this weekend we are going to dye eggs and celebrate g's birthday with some family. i am going to try my hand at a rainbow cake! i've decided that stacking + frosting its magnificent hues are just one of those things a girl's gotta accomplish in life. so excited to get baking! has anyone out there made one before? any advice?

excited to leave you with happy weekend wishes + a bit of easter inspiration. can't believe it's just over 2 weeks away!
1. the cutest spring party outfit...ever! by the time you are reading this, i've probably already ordered it. gulp. {ruche | toffee treats}
2. i never thought i could love anything with so little pink so very much {the prettiest eggs | in the little red house}
3. how cute is this little nest, crafted from a vintage book? almost as cute as the glittered green egg inside. {domestifluff}
4. a feather in my cap {petitplume}
5. currently crushing on a sweet novelty camera...not only does it look amazing, it uses 35mm film and takes square pictures. how fun is that? anndd purchasing it contributes to the red cross relief efforts in japan. double sweet. {lomography | diana f}also: kelly at the pretty bee wrote the kindest post about me and is giving away one of my fabric banners! it would be perfect for a spring party, or to decorate your craft room. hop over and check out her beautiful blog for a chance to win this and a bunch of other goodies!!


La Bella Vita said...

Never made a rainbow cake but found a great link on how to and will probably make one for Easter.

This website is ADDICTIVE!


amanda Rydell said...

A rainbow cake!!! they are super easy to make and I know you ill make a fabulous one!! Stack up your micheals and joann coupons and go to joann and use their bakery round tins. I have made them before with the throw away and they don't come out as round .. and don't fill them to the top, like less then half way ... and make sure you have lots of frosting in the middle to show off the layers!!! Good luck

Kelly said...

that little camera looks so cute! and I love the outfit as well - perfect for spring!

JSchaller said...

Love the rainbow cake! I did a three-hued angelfood cake topped with powdered sugar glaze and sprinkles for Allison's 2nd (or 3rd?!) birthday party. That was really easy, too, but much more girly with the pastel shades.

LOVE the outfit.