graham's birthday surprise!

We made some really happy memories this weekend celebrating G's birthday. My aunt was so sweet to host a big family bday party, which totally lightened my load. As much as I loove to throw a good party, Jeff and I agreed to keep birthdays simple + special around here for awhile. So on his bday morn, G woke to a really special surprise in his room: A new wooden truck and a giant birthday balloon! We had to snap some pics of his reaction, sweet bedhead and all. {Clearly the balloon out-shined the truck!!}
I can't believe that two years ago we welcomed this little bird into the world and our lives forever changed (for the very much better, of course). I still remember snuggling with him those first few hours at the hospital--the whole world had never felt more at peace. Now he's a full-fledged little boy and I think he gets lovelier every day. I love that we are beginning to converse a bit, as he's stringing as many as 5 words together at once. It's so sweet how he works so hard to spit out sentences. Oh and he counts from 4-11. Not sure where we left 1-3, but that will come, I'm sure. He even says love you mama, but it sounds more like "la-voo!" Just for the record, am jotting down a list of his current loves:
: fire
: fire trucks
: buses
: big cars
: little cars
: tractors
: balls
: puppies
: cuddle couch {yup he's a lover boy}
: peppa pig
: thomas {the tank engine}
seriously. it's so funny how he's hard wired to love big things with wheels. i swear we don't lock him in rooms with only cars to play with...oh boy oh boy. he is 100% boy.


Cottage Mommy said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy! What a fun birthday morning surprise for him...great balloon!

Anna said...

Hi, my little girl turned 2 today, she'd be a great match for him. She loves cars, balls, Thomas and Peppa too. My favorite thing is hearing her say "Thanks Mum!!" Melts my heart.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

He is darling! Happy birthday.

summer said...

this is just THE BEST, jessica! coolest b-day pics ever. i love the giant balloon! what a treat. happy day to your adorable birthday boy!!

ps. i just have to ask, what paint color is that on your walls? it is PERFECT!

shannon said...

So sweet! That balloon is awesome.

bethany said...

Those 36" round balloons are amazing! They last a million years. I bought one that lasted a month. A month!

Happy birthday to Graham! Sometimes the simplest birthdays are the best. :)

swell.life said...

@summer: thanks!! his room is robin's nest by benjamin moore. we LOVE it. it's perfection!! and it's all over blogland. it also looks amazing in a dining room/living area.

Leslie said...

oh G.
Happy day.... I totally just got a few of those balloons from a friend.. so excited to use them... oh for the love of cute photos... :)

Amanda said...

Super sweet! I love that he went straight for the balloon. I hope it was a fun day!

Chelle said...

Happy Happy two to you with love, little Mr G!
Isn't it funny how the simpler the present at times, the bigger the hit it can be?!
And Jes, he is so sweet in his freshly painted room with that giant ballon + birthday truck. So, so sweet. xo

kimmie said...

Oh my gosh, so cute! my little guy is turning two next month and I can't wait til he can say "love you mommy" :)

He LOVES puppies, cars, trucks, balls and thomas, too! So funny how little boys are naturally drawn to those things!

Allison said...

What a sweet boy you have!

Janel said...

I am looking for those big balloons for my daughter's birthday! Where did you get yours?