tumblr tuesday

Am starting up a new routine around here, following the lead of Erin & Cassie, two extraordinary tumblrs + bloggers. Each & every Tuesday, I'm planning to share a few highlights of what's inspiring me lately in the land of tumblr. Just a simple little post of the most beautiful things I've seen all week. Got it? It's going to be a blast!

January is really starting to feel like January. Slow, frigid, yet refreshing. Time for projects + goals anew, cleaner closets and a bit of home decorating. More on my horribly belated 2011 goals/resolutions tomorrow!


Cassie said...

Yeah for Tumblr Tuesday! You picked four of my fave images from recent weeks too. Wouldn't a newly organised cupboard look even more wonderful with that gorgeous pile of cardigans in?!

So pleased to see you joining in, huge thanks for the lovely mention too.

Shannon said...

So so pretty! I'm kinda obsessed with tee pees these days. Not that I'd be trying to incorporate them into a 1st birthday party...that's 7 months away. No, never :)

Chelle said...

Love the new addition of Tumblr Tuesday over here...a whole, whole lot!

Alivia said...

I think your description of January is simply perfect. And I love these photos :)

Erin said...

Ooh, lovely choices, Jessica! All four images are in my archive. I especially love the tee-pee!

So glad you're joining in the fun... and thanks for mentioning me. I love that stripy tape you've got to "join" the photos together. How do you do that?