guess what?

We finally gave our baby boy a real, down-home, honest-to-goodness haircut.
Make that three haircuts.
We sat in the bathroom.
I held him on my lap.
I stroked his lovely, mangy blond curls one last time,
And I cried.
It was time.
The hockey hair had. to. go.
Jeff took his clippers and matter-of-factly went to work; up the back and sides.
I kept whispering in a curved little ear "mama is sad. mama is sad."
{Because I am dramatic and nostalgic like that.}
G looked back at me, with confused yet compassionate eyes and said "sad mama."
And a thousand little blond curls hit the floor.
We left the top alone, because I wasn't sure I wanted it just 1" long like all the rest.
And then we slept on it.
I trimmed it a little bit more the next day, because it was so uneven and terrible.
And trimmed it again the day after that, because he seriously still looked like this!
And on the fourth day, I accepted it.

We whacked off a whole lot more than we did the first time.
We didn't even take pictures this time.
It was all hands on deck and I was even more teary-eyed than before.
Someone has to stop all of this growing up. I can't stand it anymore.
Our little blue-eyed baby, now has a neck.
He's still the same sweet little boy, with the same sweet little voice,
but in a big boy's body.


Cottage Mommy said...

Oh, I hear ya! But let me just say that G is one seriously handsome boy and no haircut will change that! We did that with Q recently...I kept eyeing his shaggy back and got a little dangerous with the clippers. Hello Supercuts and a few weeks later hello Grandma to fix both bad cuts! He is cute, cute, cute!

kt mac said...

total different look ... but still SO cute :)

you know if you had a little girl you wouldn't have to worry about hair cuts so soon ;)
just an idea hehe

Megan said...

Jessic, I can't believe how much your little man looks like Jeff with that new (handsome) haircut of his. He is such a cutie!

Colleen said...

Oh, poor mama. He does look so handsome.

katie said...

oh he is so handsome! I finally had to cut my little boy's hair, too. the "real" cut. The curls finally fell at the end of the summer, and mullet look just wasn't cutting it anymore. oh, it made me sad.
but oh, he is so handsome! a big/little boy handsome.

bethany said...

Oh my. I would be such a mess at this...when I have children I am stocking up on Kleenex.

Good news, though...the cut looks adorable! I hope you saved a few blonde curls for a baby book. :)

Anonymous said...

Truly our boys have the same exact hair and I have been struggling to come to terms and cut it. I feel there must be an in the middle cut to keep his curls. (SIGH)

{lovely little things} said...

So cute!

Miss G said...

oh I'm sorry that it was hard! He is so, so handsome. Kelly

LobotoME said...

so adorable!