chill weekend

After a run-around busy week, our little threesome is so glad for a laid-back weekend to cool our jets and just hang out.
On the list:

:Hoard paint chips, nail down colors for our bedroom, bathroom, and G's room starting next weekend. Really excited to get some of my favorite colors on the walls and fall (even more) in love with this house. I am scheming on a pale orchid color for the walls above the white bead board in our bathroom, have settled on a smooth cream in our bedroom, and narrowing down the perfect aqua for Graham. Suggestions?

:A whole stack of new library books (thanks for the suggestions!)

:We spent our Friday night reading, cozy in bed. Am halfway through this one already. So so good.

:Speaking of the library, we totally scored and checked out the coveted Free Minnesota Zoo passes (thankfully there's lots to see indoors). The best part is, since it is free, we don't have to feel obligated to stay forever and see every last exhibit.

:A few pots of tea to soothe a couple of sore, scratchy throats

:Potty chair 101. I could really use your advice/encouragement in this department...

:Heading out for a snazzy evening and a glass of wine at my work Christmas party. Relieved I found just the thing to wear.

:Can't get this skirt out of my head. Want to sew one ASAP.

:Loving this article about modern domesticity and getting back to the basics. (Stumbled upon it from one of my new favorite blogs.) It totally resonates with me. Although I may not be quite ready for a chicken coop in my backyard...

:Homemade brownies

:Laundry mountains

What are you up to this weekend?


Chelle said...

Oh picking out paint colors is one of my very favorite things in the whole wide world...have fun! I just google-imaged the color we painted in our dining room and all sorts of fun things came up. It's Benjamin Moore's Robin's Nest.

And same here about that skirt...and I can only imagine how darling it'd be on your pretty little self.

We just got back from one last walk to our favorite neighborhood bakery and are all about enjoying every last little minute of this weekend, our last here...the packing begins next week and the move, next weekend.

And I am half way through Same Kind of Different As Me right now too.

Chelle said...

P.S. Our room is painted "Irish Cream" and we love it! xo Oh and wouldn't it be fun to be the one who got to name paint colors?

Katie said...

sounds like a wonderful weekend! and I agree with you -- paint chips are a wonderful thing to hoard. That skirt is darling. Can't wait to see how your turns out!

I'm doing lots of studying this weekend, but made time for a short hike this afternoon. oh, and a bit of blogging, too.

Kelly said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I don't know if you've read it, but the No-Cry Potty Solution is pretty helpful. We're trying to do the training thing now as well, but honestly it's one step forward, two steps back. Hang in there!

Melinda said...

I understand about the whole potty thing. My 3 1/2 year old started using pull ups last February and starting using a little potty seat around March here and there. Got the hang of it then relapsed. Completely got it around May - June. Now he pees in the real 'big' potty standing...but he still goes #2 in his little 'froggy potty'. He still doesn't like to go potty 'out'. He will got at church sometimes and at mamaws...but he would have to really go BAD to go out I think. lol. Just encourage him. I liked to reward my little one with stickers or a special 'healthy' treat when he went #2 in the potty. ;)

Cassie said...

Sounds like the perfect sort of weekend with a little bit of everything thrown in.

I hope the tea soothes the itchy throats and you are all feeling right as rain soon.

wayside wanderer said...

I happen to be painting. Should I admit to have chosen my paint colors by their name? :) Whispering Wheat and Parchment Paper. Today I'm painting trim. Antique White.

On Second Street said...

i love picking out paint colors! The possibilities are endless. i actually have a bunch taped to my walls right now but I haven't quite had the energy to dive in yet.

Suzy said...

Such pretty colors! I can't wait to see what you put on the walls!

About the potty learning, I've done this method with both of my children and it has worked wonderfully. I spend a week in hardcore potty training with them. We read books about the potty, we go pick out underpants, we talk potty with everyone, we sit on the potty every 20 minutes while were home. We celebrate the victories, we clean up the accidents cheerfully. Everything we do for a week is potty. All potty, all the time.

Then, we drop it.

Life goes back to normal. Diapers are back in use. We go out and do things. We don't mention potty at all. After a couple-ish weeks of no potty I start to offer underpants in the morning when we are dressing for the day. It took my daughter 3 months to take the underpants and it took my son about a week to take them. After that, they were both trained.
I think the "magic" in our method is that they are in control of their own potty learning. They decide when they are ready and we just provide the things they need to learn how to do it and to recognize when they are ready. There's no pressure, no power struggles, just a decision on their part to do it.

Anonymous said...

I love the feeling of lots of paint swatches in my hands!

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