happy early christmas scenes

It is snowing. Again. Ugh, I can't even believe this wintry madness. We are officially 3 massive snowstorms in, and according to my calendar, winter officially commences tomorrow.I shouldn't even complain because inside, warm + cozy, we are feeling like spoiled brats here today. My parents + youngest brother came to visit over the weekend and we celebrated a mini early Christmas. Oh boy, did we celebrate. The highlight of the party was the antique kiddie windsor-back rocking chair that my dad refinished for G. It's the prettiest thing and looks right at home in our living room. How magical to think that some other kid might have received this exact same chair 80 years ago...Am a fan of vintage Christmas gifts.
G opened a gift of matchbox cars and a sweet bouncy ball from his uncle Dan. Teenage brothers are cute gift-givers.
Oh and the gift of the Charlie Brown Christmas book, complete with musical buttons made the perfect bedtime story on a late December's eve.

We are buried in snow and {already} buried with gifts.
What a happy weekend.
I had plans to take the fam on a snowshoeing excursion here, but it turns out we are all wusses in frigid temperatures. Instead we hung in with movies + Christmas cookies.
Oh, and my mom and I couldn't resist a trip to spot lovely things at anthro & hunt + gather while the boys played video games.
For dinner, we checked out Blackbird, a recently re-opened fine little cafe in our neighborhood. Such a good place. I hope Jeff & I will be dating there again soon.


Cassie said...

Oh what early Christmas gorgeous scenes! That chair really is adorable.

Stay safe in that snow and please send a little England bound as it is just cold here at -14!

Kiersten said...

The photos are adorable, and it looks like you're having a wonderful holiday with family.
And I hope you're enjoying the snow where you are - we haven't gotten anything here save for a dusting last week. (And I personally wouldn't mind keeping it that way.)
Keep enjoying your holiday!!!
<3 Kiersten

Shannon said...

There's so many adorable things in these photos I can't keep track! But I do need to know where G's shoes are from? LOVE them. Although I know kiddie shoes are expensive, I can't wait till my G can keep them on his feet.

bethany said...

How sweet! Your little guy looks so priceless in plaid and a vest!

The snowstorms have cut out a few activities we had thought about, too...but I suppose that's the way of the midwest.

PS: I giggle every time I remember that G can say, "Super hot."

Amanda said...

we have had crazy amounts of snow for what is normal in indiana for december too! here is the link to the triple chocolate mint chip cookies...they are sooo tasty! :) http://cookincanuck.blogspot.com/2010/04/triple-chocolate-mint-cookie-recipe.html

Miss G said...

We were given the peanuts musical buttons book too! Such fun. Kelly