christmas card wreath

Christmas cards are making me really happy today. A big roll of yellow bakers' twine just arrived at my door--precisely what I needed to put the finishing touches on our fresh stack of cards. I promise to share pics soon! My goal is to go postal with them by 12.23. (We got so busy making cards for some of our photog clients that we are running a whole lot late with our own cards this year!)

In the mean time, the steady stream of cards from friends + fam arriving at our door are a complete and daily delight. I borrowed this idea from Martha & I love the finished product. I'd acquired quite a collection of embroidery hoops from the thrift store last summer, so this was an easy 5 minute project! Simply collect a large diameter hoop (mine was just 12"), hot glue gun, and mini clothespins. Glue the clothespins 1-2 inches apart, facing in alternating directions. (The majority of mine face outward, and a few point toward the center.) The result is a minimal, Scandinavian-looking wreath that adds maximum Christmas cheer to a wall near you. I've already run out of room on mine and am considering replicating the project on two smaller hoops...Wouldn't it look even better in a cluster of 3?


Leslie said...

I made one last year at MOPS... and love it.

I can't see the second photo though, and I want to see what you did with the bakers twine.

Anonymous said...

Great idea!

Amanda said...

You and I had the exact same idea! Next year I will probably do more since the two I did this year are already stuffed!

BTW, how many Christmas cards featured your and Jeff's work? Ours did :)

bethany said...

I need to make one of these.

I decided that this was the year I officially became an adult, since I've received more X-mas cards than I know what to do with! My fridge is stuffed and there's a handful waiting, but I wasn't sure what to do with all of them!

This is perfect...I'm off to buy a hoop tomorrow! Yay!