this boy,

he loves pumpkins, even though
he calls them apples. (we are working on that.)
he says "hello" to almost everyone, with a crooked wrist wave and
he charms all the sweet old ladies and gentlemen at the grocery store.
he's become quite the lover boy all of a sudden.
he's so very affectionate. i love the way
he hugs my neck whenever i hold him. i feel like
he's beginning to show that
he loves me back.
he surprises me every day with new words.
he says "Watz!" for water and "Monk/Minnow" for milk.
he has a fetish with shoes, cars, and balls.
he hates eating vegetables.
he loves elmo and i am regretting the sesame street intro.
he sometimes makes friends at the park.
he would spend his whole life in the bathtub if he could.


JSchaller said...

Love your post, and you'll love looking back on it. Every time I read something I wrote in my girls' baby books I chastise myself for having not written more - and tell myself to go write something right now! It's so special to remember, and it will also be special for them when they're older to read what Mom wrote, and see how they were loved! I can tell you're a great mom!

shannon said...

he is a such a doll! holy moly.

K{IR}STEN said...

What a precious post! As Mom's it is so important to be the memory keepers of our children and their daily tidbits. Such an endearing post about your son.

Anonymous said...

So sweet! You are creating such a wonderful legacy and memories for your family!

Katie {My Paisley Apron} said...

He sounds so much like Elijah! How funny. He is utterly adorable in these pics!

Leslie said...

love the green jacket with that orange pumpkin. oh jess he is a sugar..

and we too have the 10 ikea one, its hard to pass up.. ironically he plays with that.. hmmmmmm... :)

more house pics. please... :)

i'm zandri said...

How lovely. Made me smile & feel the need to go wake my son up just so I could hug him. Thank you!

Aminta said...

Awe! So so cute! And please, please do not teach him that pumpkins are not called apples! I LOVE that, absolutely love it.
You are quite lovely Jessica!
Loves, Minta