meet the maker: paper + twine

This week, I am so excited to have the chance to feature Paper + Twine, home of Casey Baudoin's simple, modern craft and design. I am proud to say that Casey and I have a history--she was one of my first blog pals and I do believe the very first person to ever leave a comment here. (How crazy that we remember such things!) I really admire how Casey seems to balance her faith, family, and career as a work-at-home mom. It's such a delight to connect with someone thousands of miles away and to see her business (and little family!) blossom over time. Q|A with Casey:

What do you love most about Paper & Twine?

Paper + Twine gives me a creative outlet. I have always been crafty, and love making gifts for friends and family, but I love that Paper + Twine is something just for me, I can create things I like and share it with other people!

What are the most important tools/supplies in your craft room?
The tools I can not live without are my exacto knife and straight edge triangle, and trace paper and sketch pens!
Name your biggest source of inspiration right now:
My son, Noah, is a big inspiration to me, and is where I have come up with anything baby in my shop.
I am also really inspired by other printing techniques, and graphic patterns. My favorite books right now to get inspiration/learn are Lena Corwin's Printing By Hand, and anything Lotta Jansdotter!
What advice do you have for other up & coming crafters and small business owners?
I don't know if I have any good advice, because I am still learning, but, I would have to say, in my experience, start small... and expect trial and error. Make things for yourself, for friends, and family, and grow from there!

Where can we find more of your work?
Blog | My Life as a Sugar Lander
Etsy Shop | Paper + Twine
Facebook | follow me for updates and other inspiration!
Sugar Land | I plan on participating in some craft fairs around Houston this year, so keep updated with Facebook or my blog, if you live in the area, I would love for you to come introduce yourself!
{edit: Check out Paper + Twine to stock up on your Christmas cards! She has stacks and stacks of fun, fresh designs.}
* * * * *Casey is kindly giving away one of her lovely stab-stitched note logs (above)! These little books are perfect for grocery lists or your daily to-dos. There are 3 ways to enter:

1. Leave a comment sharing something on your to-do list today.
2. Become a fan of Paper + Twine on facebook (then leave a separate comment here.)
3. Share a link to this giveaway on your blog, twitter, or facebook (then leave an additional comment here saying you've done so.)

Or do all 3 to triple your odds of winning. The winner will be announced Friday morning. Good luck!
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Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

one thing from my to do list today...buy flowers for the front porch. now that the weather has finally broken i want to cover my space is fall feeling things.

her designs are so lovely! thanks for introducing us to such a great talent.

Leslie said...

my to do list.... is all about working out our preschool fall party today.. planning planning...

and 2 entries.. I so already LOVE paper and twine... Casey is so awesome. And her designs are so lovely.... would be giddy to win something of hers.

Emily Ryan said...

i am now a fan on facebook and a fan in my heart. i love her classy way of crafting. it's so refreshing to hear about starting off small and growing from there! thanks for the inspiration!

aimee said...

Putting together my son's 1st birthday invitations is on my list today!

Since I love all things paper, I really want to win this one! I became a fan on facebook and linked to this giveaway from my blog :)

Thanks for introducing us!

Mama B said...

On my to do list today: Christmas shopping for the kids! I like to be done before halloween - i know, I know.

Love the designs!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

One thing on my to do list today is take my son for a walk. He can't get enough outside time.

Thanks for sharing Paper + Twine. Such a lovely shop!

Amanda said...

To Do List: catch up on midterm homework. Make homemade chicken noodle soup. Start Christmas planning.

You know, ordinary stuff. :)

Amanda said...

I like on facebook.

shannon said...

Beautiful! On my list of things to do today: email the folks who showed me their room for rent in San Francisco last night, reminding them how much I want to live there, and how much they want to let me!

shannon said...

So lovely I couldn't help but also post on my blog! :)

Anna said...

I love her eames rocker onsie!
my to do list today-- give the dog a bath!

Fairlightday said...

Such sweet things!
My to-do list today was:
pick up the living room
do school
clean out daughter #1's closet and dresser drawer.

I'm so thankful I can say that I marked all of those things off! :)

Joy said...

One thing from my to-do list today: attend the Alaska day parade (did that)

kt mac said...

fun giveaway I love Casey's stuff! It's so simple and modern :)

Umm my to do list is too big I dont even know where to start, but it includes work stuff, wedding stuff and general home duties - Ive actually nearly gone through all my notebooks right now!!

Am already a fb follower.. does that count :)

Anonymous said...

To do: Picking up a package from the post office.

erin said...

So fun to see Casey's designs getting much-deserved praise! :) On my to-do list today: figure out what to do with the acorn squash sitting on my counter in time for dinner.

Nikki said...

Forget the paper, that little boy is darling. Okay so is the paper. I'd like a fresh cup of pencils too.

Anonymous said...

Edit the engagement pictures I took this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I am a fan now!

Anonymous said...

Posted on Facebook, too!!

Janelle said...

I'm on vacation in SF, but one thing on my to do list for today is to walk aimlessly and take photos of all the beautiful things in this city that inspire me.

Janelle said...

I also liked her on facebook -- but only because I really like her paper designs! :)

I never enter for things like this, but I'm pretty smitten!

Anonymous said...

my to-do list today involves crafting and watching The Office...not too bad!