fall fireplace

This is our fireplace, all gussied up for fall. It's actually pretty plain, but I kinda like it this way. I'm waiting to hang the perfect mirror above our mantel. I scored a really cute circle mirror last week from a friend, but also like the idea of hanging this one to fill the horizontal space.

For now, in place of a more traditional mirror/pictures, I've piled my modest collection of vintage frames. (All dug out of my grandma's basement, Halloween cobwebs and all!)

The little paper flags are leftover from a photoshoot a couple weeks ago. Handy that they are the perfect length for festifying (any chance that's a real word!?) our fireplace.

And that immigrant trunk was our wedding gift from Jeff's parents. Vintage gifts are my fav! We originally parked it in front of the firebox for baby proofing purposes, but the look has grown on me!

I keep getting nudges for more house pics, and to be completely honest, I'm not very proud of how things are looking around here. We still haven't hung a single picture on the walls or opened one can of paint. Shame, shame! We've been really blessed to be keeping busy with photog gigs all summer/fall, but I'm also looking forward to some quieter inside days at home this winter to do some major decorating projects.
Congrats to this week's giveaway winner:

Janelle said...I'm on vacation in SF, but one thing on my to do list for today is to walk aimlessly and take photos of all the beautiful things in this city that inspire me.

Happy Friday!


{eleise} said...

LOVE IT! I wanna sit by your fireplace all winter long!

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

i love your fireplace exactly as it is. that bunting it darling. i love it's mini size. maybe i need to whip one up for myself. hmmm....thanks for the inspiration today!

"Een sneller kloppend hart ♥" said...

What a lovely fireplace, it looks so peaceful and stylish!

Like it!!

Huggs, Veronique

shannon said...

I love the frames!

Elise said...

LOVE it!! Very cute!!

Nikki said...

Your fireplace is lovely: welcoming, cozy, relaxing. Not cluttered. Which is how my fireplace is currently making me feel. I sense a re-do in the works, inspired by this blog post...

Janelle said...

1) I LOVE the fireplace! Ours is old crusty brick and I am constantly looking for ways to spruce it up -- thank you for the inspiration!

2) I'm so excited to have won! I never win ANYTHING! What do I do now :)?

3) I've been following you for a while, just lurking, never commenting, and I have to say, I think Graham is THE MOST adorable child EVER!


swell.life said...

@ Janelle:

To claim your cute prize, please email me your mailing address at


We will drop your little notebook in the mail ASAP!

Melinda said...

Aww - your fireplace is adorable! I love the 'simple' look. I think you did a great job!