this is the story of a boy and his chucks.

G is just about to outgrow his first pair of Chucks. We had a wicked step-sister moment this afternoon as we muscled those sweet baby toes into the 4 inch soles...so I thought I'd better pay tribute now before the magic wears off entirely.

These sneakers were the golden ticket that warped him from babyhood to boyhood. How is this even possible? We first slipped them on not even 5 months ago. Back then, he was not even standing on his own and his first steps were nowhere on the radar. Today his Chucks take him on brave backyard adventures and he is more curious, busy, and carefree in them than ever before.

This is the short story of 5 minutes in G's shoes.

(Above) Sometimes we sit on the steps to watch squirrels or airplanes or blow bubbles together. Sometimes he stops to rest here after his treasure hunts, to inspect and inevitably taste his precious finds.

But never for more than 30 seconds. Then we are off and running.

We can count on the adventure leading us to the rock bed. This is where we sit or squat for quite some time, combing for the perfect stones. Most are discarded into the window well of the basement. One or two will make the cut and be grasped in his palms as we continue the adventure. I often wonder what qualities a rock must possess to qualify.

Somewhere along the line, he peers through the fence to point and bark at the neighbor's dog. The dog barks back. I startle. G keeps on woo-woo-woofing. He is fearless.

The adventure goes on and on...Sometimes I wish I could cast a spell and keep him in his little Chucks, contained in our backyard forever. But savoring our afternoon, brushing the dirt off of his 4" soles, and kissing his yummy cheeks today is about the best I can do...That and ponder what color his next pair should be? I love this adventure.


kt mac said...

This is the sweetest post Jess! I can't believe how big and 'boyish' he suddenly is!!

Also I think those red chucks on the website are pretty cute ..


Bluebelle said...

Oh how lovely. The red ones are cute, but oh so are the green!

Christine E-E said...

I too love the red...
but - continuing with blue will "perhaps" trick you into thinking he's not getting older!

Anonymous said...
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Melinda said...

Aww. How sweet. :) I love the story and the photos. I also thing RED would be a great color of chucks for a boy. ;)

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

such a great post! i am feeling wildly sentimental lately and this totally touched my heart.

p.s. any color chucks are a winner in my book. maybe see which color he gravitates to? could make for a fun mommy/son moment.

bethany said...

Too cute, Jess...he's such an active guy now! I hope you tuck those original Chucks away to marvel at in years to come. They're keepers!

I vote red! :)

shannon said...

These are great photos! I love the homage to such a simple yet important thing as a little boy's shoes.

Cottage Mommy said...

I love these photos Jessica! He looks like such a big boy and I know he isn't really! I love a pair of chucks! I had them for my big boy but Q hasn't had a pair yet. He is just barely taking a few steps these days so he needs to wait. Really sweet post on your little G!

marta said...

oh my goodness. i love those little shoes and how you've captured him in them! these would make quite a darling collage! anyway, i love all the adventures of your whimsical life; the fair, the pineapple salsa and that swap party..

wow. am inspired. xo.