go, go, grahamzilla

11 months today kiddo.

I couldn't resist sticking you in your new Chucks for the photo, even if they're a tad big.
I think you're gonna love this wearing big kid shoes business.

Not quite standing on your own. Still just waltzing around the furniture.
Am getting soooo impatient for you spit out a real "mama." Da da is cool and everything, but you don't want to be labeled a one trick pony. I would appreciate a shout out for all of the breast milk, fresh dipes, and storytimes I've provided in the last 11 months. Any day now...

But your buh-byes and so bigs are charming with consistency.
It's getting to the point where I can scarcely remember life without you as my personal assistant.

The one who follows behind me and ensures that the toilet paper is always properly unrolled and/or shredded. I always knew that kids had a thing for unrolling toilet paper. But you my son, take it to the next level...You eat it. Sooo impressive.

You are proud of your messes.It's also wonderful having someone around to help unload + wrinkle the clean clothes from the dryer.
And someone to help unload the dishwasher.
And the kitchen cupboards.
And the coffee table.
And my purse.
And the bookcases.

You're more fearless than Super Man, bravely attempting to dive off of beds, couches, and down stairwells head first. Teaching you safe dismounts seems to be a full-time, losing battle.

Your 11th month has been utterly action-packed. Don't know how you manage to squeeze it all in and get so much accomplished around the house...Especially since you spent the better part of this month with (yet another) ear infection. Hope you kick those naughty bugs soon.

In light of all your recent busy-ness, I am delighted to report that you've {finally!} developed some seriously good sleeping habits. Two 1.5 hour naps each day + sleeping soundly in your crib from 8:30p.m. to 5:30a.m. All with next to no tears and two very grateful parents. God is good.


Bluebelle said...

Oh wow, you must be enjoying your sleep! And baby words are so precious, I hope he learns mama for you soon!

Liv said...

How sweet. I did the same thing when I bought those shoes for my little boy. I insisted that he wear them right away because I needed pictures.

Yay, for little boys who are really proud of their messes.

Megan said...

Jess, he is precious! I can't believe it's nearly a year already. I'd like to suggest gymnastics when he's older ;) He seems to have the fearless gene, hehe! Here's hoping he gets that "mama" down soon!

xoxo, megan

Cassie said...

Such a cute age 11months!

Sure he will manage a Mama when you least expect it!

frayedattheedge said...

Oh my - at 11 months, Stuart was just sitting on his bottom - he didn't crawl until he was just over a year, and didn't walk until he was 15 months .... oh, but then on the other hand, he didn't get into all that mischief!!!

bethany said...

My goodness gracious...you almost have a one-year-old on your hands! Jess, he's such a handsome little guy and it so fun to get to see him grow. Thanks for sharing the past 11 months with us! :)

Leslie said...

this is my favorite post of yours ever.... oh jess you just beam for him... really really.. but who wouldn't.. that first pic is sugar... so is the one with the bookshelf....

boys are ... well uh hmmm... boys!!! yikes.

summer said...

what a guy! he is just so handsome already! and those chucks. cuteness.

'so big'.. oh man. i can still hear my mom saying those very words to my baby sis!

here's hoping for a 'mama' to come out of those lips real soon!