notes to my spring-fever self:

: just finished a fun weekend of power shopping with my mom. my head is still spinning with pastels and open toed shoes. spring is definitely in the air.: consider splurging on this necklace. i searched all weekend to find its slightly cheaper counterpart, but to no avail. i have the biggest crush on this and can't get it outta my head. plus i have a hunch that it might perfectly complement my new target dress.
: craft g a lil' monkey outfit half as cute as this mini boden t. sidenote: his 1st birthday is right around the corner. the theme: Curious Graham and the Big Birthday Bash. in honor of the real Curious George and our very own mini monkey man. the plans are beginning to swirl in my head...the excuse to plan a little party is keeping my sappy, sentimental self from completely mourning the fact that my sweet bundle of joy is becoming a real little boy.
: convince jeff to wear coordinating Man in Yellow hat costume.
: meanwhile, i the party planner, will wear this to the 1st birthday bash. (no need to overdo the monkey business.)
: embrace the ruffles, flowers, and superfluous ribbons on clothing + accessories everywhere. if ever there was a trend i swear was invented just for me, it's this one. i am loving the girly-girlness in every store. it's a wonderful thing. i simply can't get enough.: swim season is just around the corner. resist temptation. wait to buy this beauty of a bathing suit on sale. in the mean time, must do more sit-ups and eat less chocolate.


Bluebelle said...

The blue top is so pretty, love it!

Cassie said...

That is on cheeky monkey - loving it.
The colour of the swimsuit is fab too.

bethany said...

Could fashion this spring be any more lovely? I think not. Even the budget-conscious places are embracing the ruffles that once were only seen at Anthro and J. Crew. ADORE.

P.S. You must buy that necklace to match that smashing aquay-teal dress. It's perfect for Easter... :)

daniella said...

You and me together, girlfriend! I can't remember the last time I've been this ready for spring. It's no fun being stuck in the house with two kids.

Speaking of statement necklaces, you'll never guess where I spotted the most beautiful ones: JC Penney. Yup, you read that right. I'll be making another trip there to get a couple.

Come spring, come!
(must start applying gradual self tanning lotion on my legs).

Emily Ryan said...

Glad you got in some power shopping! It's was pretty crazy running into you! Sad that the only amount of time we had was in passing from floor to floor. Graham is turning into a little gentleman in the making!

Miss G said...

That swimsuit is so cute! My sis-in-law did a curious george party for my nephew: http://sundrenchedmoments.blogspot.com/2009/01/birthday-party.html

It was really fun. Let me know if you want anymore photos/info about what they did. I had another friend do a curious george party too who I could get ideas from if you need anymore.

Such fun! I am so excited to plan birthday parties for our little one one day! :) Kelly