making aprons

'Tis officially bridal shower season and my sewing machine has been humming, stitching together fun aprons for the blushing brides-to-be in my life. In my humble estimation, aprons are the capes of super women. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the apron is a life blood accessory. Simply said, there's no better way to pour love into your everyday cooking+cookies than by wearing a hip, cheery apron that makes you feel equally hip and cheery.

{Happy surprise shower today, KT, oh how I wish I could be there!!!}


Liv said...

I absolutely love the yellow of the apron. It's so beautiful.

summer said...

jessica! oh my goodness! wow. this apron is adorable. i love how you think of them as superhero capes.. such a cute (and oh so true) thought. i'm sure the brides will be in domestic bliss at such a gift.

out of curiosity, where does one find a pattern for a darling apron? i'm brand new to the sewing scene, and i have no idea where to begin. and may i ask, is this apron the kind of thing that would be an easy start, or should i wait until i'm more experienced? so sorry to bog down your comment with questions!

Amanda said...

Delurking to ask if that apron is from Amy Butler's In Stitches? Cute!

swell.life said...

hi girls!

this is definitely a simple pattern! it's actually from heather ross' book "weekend sewing".

i am a rookie sewer myself and found this to be pretty straight forward. made it in one evening. :)

Simply Live said...

Yay! Thanks for the pattern! I may try one of these myself. I have been looking on Etsy for one, but just haven't found the "perfect" one. This may just be it. Thanks!

bethany said...

Adorable apron...your fabrics are perfection!

And, the nerd in me has to express how very much I loved your apron analogies. I adore a great analogy :)

P.S. Yes! Stillwater...soon. I haven't been in so long, and I've been dying to visit once spring sprung! :)

katrina lauren said...

i love this so much...pretty aprons are the perfect idea! i would certainly be inspired to head into the kitchen with a piece of cheery delight like that wrapped around my waist!! i think i shall bust out my sewing machine...i feel a spring project coming on!
so fun

jozen said...

i truly believe that a woman can not have too many pretty aprons!