9 yellow balloons

I will never ever get tired of having a bouquet of balloons in photos. They make the whole world a more cheerful place, don't you think? I really love how some of our shots turned out from my cousin Ashley's wedding. I think everyone in our family would agree that Ashley is the jewel of our gene pool. Maybe it's the dimples? She should have been a model. But she still made a pretty drop-dead-gorgeous bride. I'm just lucky to claim her as my cousin. Josh is even luckier to claim her as his wife. They are a really, really cute couple! See more of their photos here.


Cottage Mommy said...

So beautiful! What amazing talent you have in your sweet little family!

bethany said...

Ashley is such a gorgeous girl--lucky thing!

I'm in love with these yellow balloons...lovely barely begins to cover it.

Jeff and your wedding photos just get dreamier and dreamier with each passing wedding!

Melinda said...

The photos are just stunning. Simply stunning. :) Your family is sooo talented! And yes, Ashley is gorgeous! I think the dimples help. ;)

Aminta said...

You're amazing!!! I love it all..... all last three that I have missed. I especially loved the CHUCKS! YAY! Bring 'em back I say!
Loves to you!
P.S. I ADORE your home. So perfectly you.

Miss G said...

LOVELY! And, I think it's fun that we both posted a bouquet of balloons pic the same week. :)

I wanted balloons in our wedding photos (we did "day after" shots a month later. It was really fun and was soo much more relaxed than trying to fit them in day of. It was also fun to get to wear our wedding clothes again.) Anyway, settled for paper lanterns piled around our feet.