happy friday!

Today my favorite colors are spring green + sky blue.

The trees outside my window are budding with new possibilities and it's looking like another beauty of a spring day. Yesterday I put on shorts for the first time in forever and have been hard at work getting my feet acclimated to the open-toed shoe scene. Hooray for springtime.

This week completely got away from me. Life has been absolutely non-stop lately! Between working, baby chasing, party planning, and gearing up for photo season, I've scarcely found time to stop and catch my breath. But it's all good and all very exciting. This afternoon we're taking a break to hit the road and visit my fam for the weekend. Can't wait!

This week's giveaway winner is:

, whose must-have purse accessory is a handy reusable grocery bag.

I should also take this opportunity to mention that I am currently looking for more Meet the Makers to feature in May/June. Although I love showcasing local Midwesterners, I would also be willing to consider the work of crafters from afar. If interested, please email me with some samples of your work! swell{dot}life{at}gmail

Happy weekending! xo


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

have a great weekend with your family!!! i love spring green and sky blue. especially their combination.

sharonlei said...

Hi Jessica!! Wow, is it true! I'm the lucky winner. :) Yippee! Thanks so much. I hope you have a fabulous weekend with family. It's nice and sunny skies here in Hawaii (like usual), but it's surprisingly "cold".. the low is 65.. brrrr for us locals!! ha ha.

Let me know what info you need from me!! Thanks again.

xx Love & Aloha