giveaway: jenna lou designs

I am delighted to introduce Jenna Lou as this week's maker! When it comes to sewing and design, this girl is crazy gifted. She started her own business 4 years ago, purses, pocketbooks, and her very own patterns for all. Just to send some sunshine your way this week, Jennalou is generously giving one lucky gal the sewing pattern for the adorable clutch below and is including five 7" frames so that you'll be all set to make a bunch!

To enter:

1. Blog, Tweet, or FB a link to this post.
2. Leave a comment telling what absolute must-have accessory you constantly tote in your purse, bag, or clutch.
3. Do both and double up your odds!!

The giveaway ends Thursday 4/15 at 11:59 pm. One very lucky winner will be announced on Friday morning!!

Q & A with Jennalou:

How did you become interested in crafting and design and how long have you been in business?
Jenna Lou Designs started as a hobby in 2006. Back then it was just a way to spend some time being creative and it was very much a learning process. It took about a year for things to really pick up, but when they did I was dreaming high and with the support of my family and fiance I quit my day job to see where it could take me. Since then I have fully immersed myself in the crafting/design world. There is such a good community of people who are willing to share their insight and from that I've learned so much and it has helped my business grow and my product constantly improve.

Describe your perfect day.
Even though I dearly love my job and don't take it for granted for one second, I do have to admit that it is still a job with deadlines and expectations and bills to pay, so I too like those in offices dream about other freedoms. My perfect day would include waking up to a steaming waffle in front of my face. I seriously cannot get enough of breakfast food and waffles top my list if it weren't for all those darn calories. Other things I'd enjoy in my perfect day would be reading a book on the couch in my sun room ( the best place in my house), taking a walk around the neighborhood, and cooking a fancy super for John and I. I love to cook and bake, but like everyone else my schedule prohibits me from daily gourmet.

What inspires you most?
Lately I have been most inspired by alternative materials. I've spent the past 3 years working mostly in designers quilting cottons and decor fabrics, but I'm starting to feel an itch for something new. Adding more solids and other fabrics into my works is currently what has been inspiring new designs because it allows for new shapes and concepts that never worked with the bold prints of designer cotton.

What are some of your favorite blogs/ online crafting resources?
When I need a little extra inspiration I love checking out flickr. Lifestyle photos can bring about a sense of design. A field of flowers will get me thinking about soft flowing lines, pleats, and feminine features.

The crafty blogs I love to read and which encourage me to constantly try harder and continue to improve my craft are:
i heart linen
making it lovely
anna maria horner
true up
purl bee
soule mama
nestled in
allyson hill

What advice do you have for other crafters or small business owners?
My number one piece of advice is to be original, be flexible, and be devoted. If your heart is truly in it people will see that. If you aren't in love with the project or piece try something new. Find where your true interests are and follow them. There may be times in a small business owners career were there is doubt and trouble, but if the product is one you believe in that will carry you through.

Where can we find more of your work?
My blog
My website jennalou.com, where you'll find information about my patterns and finished goods alongside wholesale and contact information.


{eleise} said...

Wow...these are absolutely amazing! What great work! =)

Hope G's b-day party was fun!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

since i'm a mom, am i allowed to say that my favorite purse accessory is a diaper and wipes pod?!? it really is! jenna lou rocks... i totally want it all!

Kelly said...

Super cute work! I actually just learned of Jenna Lou as I saw her on the vendor list for the Crafstravaganza show. Am so excited to see her work in person & would love a pattern for her clutches.

Oh...and lip balm in all my bags is a MUST for me.

Katie {My Paisley Apron} said...

Must have accessory = hot wheels cars. When the toddler is calm and entertained, I am a cool, collected, put-together mom. It's my secret. :-D Also, chapstick.

Aminta said...

OOOH! Look who I found on blogspot Jess! Go and look at my blog post ASAP!!!

Sandra said...

I posted about the giveaway at http://thegirlnamedtennessee.blogspot.com/2010/04/giveaway_12.html.

Sandra said...

My favorite always-have accessory is Burt's Bees chapstick. Boring, I know, but definitely needed! Oh, I hope I win!

On Second Street said...

Chapstick. Love the bags. I am blogging your giveaway too.

downthegardenpath said...

I'm a pushover for polka dots! The bags are adorable. You'll always find lipstick and craisins in my bags....

Amanda said...

Fun, fun!

Definitely Burt's Bees - if my chapstick isn't in my bag (or my pocket), I am completely out of sorts.

{lovely little things} said...

My must-have accessory is my Bath & Body Works tinted lip gloss in mint flavor - it's just a hint of color and a fresh flavor that always leaves a minty kiss!

Molly said...

burts bees tinted gloss for me!

acyder {at} gmail

Jenna said...

favorite accessory? lip gloss and hand santizer, and lately: tissue for the spring sniffles!

Anonymous said...

i always have a pair of earrings in the zipped part of my purse. just in case i need to snazz-it-up on the go. it's a handy trick i've come up with after years of, "oh darn, i forgot my earrings..."

Alissa said...

Cute bags! I need to keep some Blistex in my bag. I love cute fun lipstick, but at the end of a long Minnesota winter, I need something with a little more power to heal those chapped lips!

cmay said...

I guess my must have accessory is a mini hairbrush.

Katie said...

I love Jennalou! Great giveaway too, I'm dying for this pattern :) I always have to have lipbalm in my bag, I can't go anywhere without it!

9crafty11 said...

What a lovely giveaway! I'm a follower of Jenna Lou, & this would be lovely to win! I always must carry lip balm & tissues around even to grocery shopping.

Erin said...

Love Jenna Lou's stuff. My must have is probably my mini lint roller. It's amazing how many times it comes in handy(esp with 2 cats!)

Emma said...

Gorgeous! Love this giveaway! I'm pretty fond of my "Softlips" vanilla 20 spf lip balm. Keeps my lips soft and protected from the sun! *I'm posting about your giveaway via Facebook...loved your blog for the longest, it helped me through wedding planning Summer of 08!

Becca said...

Ok, I would love to make these, so fresh and pretty. My must have is a little moleskine notebook for jotting down ideas and notes.

Nicole said...

These are beautiful. I always carry a lip product of some sort - gloss, balm, chapstick. I always have it on hand.

Crystal said...

My must have purse accessory is my Kindle - I always have a choice of books with me for that :)

Great giveaway - I love jenna lou designs!

Nikki said...

These clutches are too, too cute. Thank you for introducing Jenna Lou!

BTW, Chelle says you're coming to Farm Chicks--I can hardly contain my excitement for that weekend! Husband and I will be coming over and staying with Chelle & Co.--it will be so! much! fun!

beth said...

I LOVE these clutches! As for my 'must-have' accessory - I have to say it's chapstick! I could not go with out it!

sharonlei said...

Totally amazing creations!! Everything is beautiful.

My must have "accesorry" in my bag is not really an accessory, but something I think we should all have: A REUSEABLE grocery bag. My bag folds into a little strawberry. I think by doing this, it's a step closer to helping mother nature out.. Like my Hubby says, "Save a Plastic Tree!".

xx Love & Aloha

**I posted the giveaway in my sidebar! :) Wheeeeeee.

Sarah Seitz said...

I tweeted this giveaway! http://twitter.com/sarahannseitz

Sarah Seitz said...

My fave purse accessory is my cell phone :). can't leave the house without it!


Melissa said...

The must-have accessory in my purse are my Ray Ban wayfarers that were a bday gift from my boyfriend. I actually broke their case recently, from overuse!

Blue Merle Boutique said...

I just finished her 'Mabel' bag pattern and I am in love. :-)