giveaway: julie meyer

Am pleased as punch to introduce this week's maker, Julie Meyer, who has instantly put me in the mood for spring cleaning and summer picnicking. Julie's bright+beautiful work caught my eye at a craft fair last fall and ever since, I haven't been able to get her adorable oilcloth lunch bags and ultra-girly cleaning gloves out of my head. She also has a new line of upcycled products using vintage fabrics.

This week Julie is giving away a pair of her Clean In Style Gloves to one lucky reader! These would make the ultimate mom's day gift or boost to your local cleaning closet.

To enter & win, leave a comment stating your best spring cleaning tip, trick, or favorite product. Also peek at Julie's selection and let me know which pair would make your hands most happy.

For an additional chance to win, also comment and mention if you:

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The winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Friday morning (4/23)!
Now on to our Q&A with Julie!

How did you become interested in crafting and what is it about oilcloth that you love so much?

My parents are both creative people, so the need to be crafty comes naturally. I'm reminded of my childhood when I see my own children with tape, scissors, paper - the same materials I used as a child to make any precious masterpiece.
I was first smitten with the nostalgic oilcloth prints, and the instant structure oilcloth gives an item is what made me really fall in love with it.

Describe your perfect day.

Scouring local estate sales for vintage fabrics.

What inspires you most?

Small details on well-tailored clothing - a simple pleat or the way a seam is done fills my mind until I have to try it.

What is your #1 crafting resource?


What advice do you have for other crafters or small business owners?

If you'd like to turn your hobby into a business, listen to everyone but especially those that have a proven track record.


Ashley said...

So cute, I love those lunchbags as well. My best spring cleaning tip...hmm. Moving every other spring has sure helped us clean house :) But I don't recommend it, ha ha!

{Jenna Lou} said...

These are seriously charming!! Love the yellow gingham pair.

I like to rearrange the furniture sometimes in the spring. Not only does it give you a change to get those dust bunnies under the heavy things, but a change a scenery really cheers things up too.

Anonymous said...

Those are so cute! Perfect for Spring. My favorite cleaning product is Clorox Wipes!

Amanda said...

Love these! My best spring cleaning tip is to open the windows (which will instantly cheer you up) and put on some music--it makes cleaning go much faster:)

Sandra said...

When spring cleaning, or any major cleaning, I turn on all of the lights in each room and then turn off the overhead light when I finish cleaning. By the end you have cozy restful lighting to relax by.

I really like the green with strawberry gloves.

Katie {My Paisley Apron} said...

Oh these are cute! I'm cleaning today, actually. This huge new house takes me 1.5 full days every week to clean, it's crazy. I'm not sure I have any great tips or products - though I agree with Amanda: put on some music. Makes cleaning so much better!

Katie {My Paisley Apron} said...

Also, linked on facebook.

Allison said...

Oh my goodness, SO CUTE! To be honest, I'm a terrible cleaner lol. I don't think I ever really learned to do a proper deep clean, but I'm learning :) I think my tip is to clean lightly often so you can space out your deep cleans. Or justify deep cleaning less anyway :)

I love the Tulip Cuff in Pink with Black and White Damask Oilcloth! PRECIOUS!

ap517 said...

Cute gloves!! my favorite cleaning tip: when said room gets really messy and I'm too lazy to clean, I gather things up color-coded, so I put all the reds, oranges, blues, etc. away first before the next color. It makes cleaning fun! And probably a good way to have kids pitch in with clean-up.

On Second Street said...

hmmm, they are all so cute but I really love the green gingham gloves. My favorite cleaning product is Caldrea Lavendar Pine wood cream. I love how it makes the whole house smell fresh.

J6 said...

A cleaning product that I really enjoy is Organic Kitchen Mint Sage Antibacterial Counter Spray. I love the scent. It's hard to choose which gloves; they're all so cute. I guess I'd choose the green.

Bridget said...

i REALLY want those. i was JUST going to buy gloves. but i'll wait......

i love love love mrs. meyers anything for cleaning. lavender scented preferred.

Tyffanie said...

Love her products! That would definitely get me more excited to clean. My tip would be to crank up some music for energy and start and finish one room at a time instead of doing parts.