dec. daily {no. 18} : baby stocking stuffers

I'm not shedding a single bead of sweat over Christmas gifts for Graham this year. I'm fully aware that he'll have much more fun with all of the big cardboard boxes, shiny bows, and crinkly wrapping paper involved. However, I am still planning to stuff his little stocking with a few fun items:1. Wooden stacking rings from Ikea.
2. Applique onesies. (I had aspirations of making the whole alphabet, but stopped after just 2 of his initials. He didn't need 26 onesies anyway!)
3. Apple Cinnamon Puffs. The poor boy is a bit young for peppermint bon bons and fudge, so these are the next best thing. Although they are too spendy to justify buying every week, they will make a tasty Christmas treat...And the only way we can make it through church these days without growling. :)
4. Sheep in a Shop. We are expanding our literary horizons after becoming hooked on reading Sheep in a Jeep. It's a big family fav around here; it cracks me up every time. We still need to check out Sheep on a Ship and Sheep out to Eat and Sheep take a Hike. But that's another day my friends.
It's been a pretty productive week around here. We are officially all set for Christmas--the tree trimmed, the cards mailed, the shops shopped, gifts wrapped and stockings stuffed. I'd like to say that I am kicking back with a tall glass of eggnog to enjoy it all for the next week...but instead I am working four 12-hour shifts in a row before heading to my parents' house on Tuesday. Yikes! Happy weekend one and all. Will be back sometime next week with a last minute Christmas ornament tutorial. (In the mean time, check out last year's birdie ornament.)


ailie said...

We love "Sheep in a Jeep" as well . . . so clever! Are the other ones just as good?

Cassie said...

I love the applique on the babygrows - so special litle things. Well done on being so 'ready' xx

Sylvia C. said...

I have to confess that I buy those pricey "puffies" (that's what we call them).

But, I always buy the generic kind!

They are just so UN-messy, that I can't help myself.

Wonderful stocking gifts, by the way.

I haven't been going nuts about gifts for Elias either (he's about 9.5 months, what about yours? :).

Happy Weekend, and good luck with those shifts!!

Cottage Mommy said...

Is your middle name Martha? If not I think you should legally change it! You are one amazing Mama....and I mean EVERYTHING not just this post. I wish I could pick up talent by osmosis or rather blog osmosis!

Miss G said...

I love the sheep books! Sheep out to eat is very fun! kelly

Dana said...
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Dana said...

I love the Sheep series! I think I maybe one of the few who owns the whole series that a)doesn't have kids or b)isn't a teacher that owns the whole series. Enjoy your 1st Christmas as a family of 3!

Bryn said...

What sort of paint did you use on the onesies?