fresh tomatoes : fresh perspective

This weekend was perfect and productive...with beautiful summer weather to top it all off. I spent Saturday with the sewing machine and this new stack of pretty fabrics, making a few baby gifts for 2 of my new-mama girlfriends. This is definitely the most delicious time of year. Almost everything on the table is either garden fresh, or fresh off the backyard barbeque. Today my mouth is watering over this giant basket of vine-ripe tomatoes on the kitchen counter. I've never been a huge fan of raw tomatoes, but the juicy red insides of these are beyond irresistible to my ambivalent tastebuds.
Speaking of irresistible...Who can resist these cheeks!? I took this pic on Friday night at 10:30 pm {that is beyond bedtime!}. After some hard core evening play time, a fresh dipe, and a generous feeding, Graham was still wound tighter than a clock. Just a crazy little rooster, squealing away! I tried putting him down in his crib anyway--plugged in his paci and turned out the lights. Amazingly, he fell asleep on his own without a fuss. We definitely need to keep practicing that skill. :)

And thank you, thank you all so very much for your sweet words and comments after the last few posts. The move has been stressful, but I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such encouraging friends. I am overwhelmed by your kindness. Just wanted to share an update: I thnk we may have found an apartment that will work great for us. It has a pretty view, an attached garage, and a washer+dryer in unit. {That's a HUGE woot-woot after our painful laundromat days!} And thanks also for all of the anniversary and business-launching wishes. Even with all of the uncertainty, we truly have so much to celebrate!


Leslie said...

ohhh he is a sweetie..

and yeah for new places..

and is that wallpaper... in that room? what I wouldn't give to use that as a background for a photo shoot.. love it.

Chelle said...

Loving this post. and those dear little chubby cheeks. Can't wait to see what you made from those lovely, lovely fabrics. I heart the colors.

Jenny said...

Too bad Mikey didn't go for the Lisa Frank folder, he could have totally brought back the trend. Then again on the other hand it might not of started his college years out in the right way. That's exciting that you will be moving to the cities. We will absolutely have to have some crafting get togethers. Thanks for the kind words about my new banner. And as for my rounded courners on my photos, unfortunatly I don't have photoshop so I use picnik.com to round each of them. It's not the most convenient but it gives me my desired effect! Good luck with everything and to Jeff for his new photography business!

From Sunday to Monday said...

Hello my dear...its been way too long! I just go back from Beccas, we had a great time...wish you could have been there. I work nights all week and feel like the 3hours of awake time that I have between shifts is always quickly filled. I want to try and give you a call this week to catch up! Your pictures and latest post have made me smile! Talk to you soon!

Miss G said...

Wonderful! Wonderful! I am so glad that you two have such a great attitude in the midst of the messiness that is sometimes life. Way to go not getting "stuck" into one thing just because you had made a plan. Little Graham is adorable! Blessings, Kelly