barn wedding

IF: Jeff & I could do it all over again, we would get married in a big old rustic barn, with:
  • all our friends and family again
  • fresh squeezed lemonade
  • homemade jam + corn bread
  • square dancing
  • vintage table cloths + doilies everywhere
  • at least 100 strands of twinkling lights
  • definitely the twinkling lights.Instead, I am begging you to plan a barn wedding and invite me. Even better, invite us to photograph your barn wedding!

    Edit (1/12/12): In the 3 years since I originally posted this, I've had tons of hits and inquiries about awesome barn, farm, or just plain lovely outdoor venues in Minnesota! We have shot weddings at many of them--and dream to visit them all some day. Congrats--I think that the good old Midwest is such a gorgeous, down-to-earth place to plan your wedding!! Here is my list, plus a few shout outs to our friends across the border in Wisconsin.

  • Blue Horse Farm | New Richmond, WI http://www.bluehorseartcamp.com/
  • Camrose Hill Farm | Stillwater, MN
  • The Enchanted Barn | Hillsdale, WI
  • Art's Barn | Bemidji, MN
  • The Carlos Creek Winery | Alexandria, MN
  • Juliane James Place | Finlayson, MN
  • Round Barn Farm Bed & Breakfast & Bread | Red Wing, MN
  • Mayowood Stone Barn | Rochester, MN
  • Red Barn Retreats | Garden City, MN Contact 866.430.1717 or info@redbarnretreats.com
  • Trendy Acres | Mount Horeb, WI
  • Windbeam Farm | Hager City WI (right across the border from Red Wing MN! the owner Trudy is wonderful!)
  • Woods Chapel | Orono, MN (not actually a barn, but outdoors and gorgeous nevertheless!)


Metallo Bianco Jewelry said...

Hmmm..never thought about a barn wedding..pretty cool! I LOVE that last photo.

Leslie said...

seriously would that be a hit. I think so... these images are yummy

project simple life said...

I love this! Chad and I were seriously considering having a barn wedding reception, since there's one that does weddings in Fall Creek (10+ miles from EC). Unfortunately when we contacted them to see if they had our date open, they said they don't do weddings anymore. We were bummed out for a couple days until we found our current site. Thanks for the link to these beautiful shots

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

What a cool idea! My son had an ocean wedding and my daughter a lake wedding -- guess it must have something to do with growing up near water. A barn would be cool -- without all the smells though (I grew up in a house that was attached to our barn by an ell (made it easier to tend the animals in the cold Maine winters).

Chelle said...

Our dream come true family bussiniess is to own a cute barn and maybe a few little cottages and rent it out for weddings. Also if David and I were able to have a wedding makeover it would look just like yours.

From Sunday to Monday said...

Some day Jess...that is exactly what I want! And it seems your hubby takes some great pictures ;)

kt mac said...

ooh I love these shots and this truly sounds like an amazing wedding!
I'm almost wishing u guys could do it all over again ;)

and I love how your getting all excited about weddings!

We are planning a country style wedding...
a quaint style stone church.
with an afternoon tea in the church grounds afterwards.
and a reception in the barrell room at the winery.

So if you feel the need to share any ideas that you see which would fit into this I would love it :)

Kayt said...

You are hired. But that means you have to find me a man and a barn to start... you have your work cut out for you :)

Dee Dee said...

Love the idea. The pics are lovely.

Michelle said...

This is one of my favorite wedding plan ideas!! :) When I find my man and plan my wedding- I'll tag you on the invite list. :)

Anonymous said...

Can you actually find a barn somewhere close to the twin cities or do you just walk up to someones house and ask if you can use theirs? We have been looking for an old unique barn that is close enough for people to still have a hotel to sleep at. Any hints?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just randomly found your blog after googling barn weddings in MN. I just got engaged and was wondering if you could help me find an old barn to get married in. I know it's a bit strange and you don't even know me but just wondering if you could give me some advice or ideas to look. Let me know, my email is kimmoselle@gmail.com. Thanks and your pics are gorgeous. -Kim

Beth said...

Ok, so that picture at the top of the ceremony is exactly what I want for my wedding. e just got engaged and are starting to look for sites. Where is that? I live in MN but we are willing to travel a little bit to find the perfect barn location.

Any information would be great! Thanks! Beth

Breanne8182 said...

Hi there, I just read Beth's comment and was going to ask the same thing. just got engaged & we're looking for a cute barn to have our wedding and reception. I'm thinking rustic, elegant, vintage for a theme. where were those pictures taken? I've been looking around and thought it'd be easier to find a barn to host our wedding, but no luck so far. I'd really appreciate any help/ideas!

Lyss said...

Has anyone had luck finding a cute barn in MN?

CarvingArt said...

Here's a barn for a wedding in MN:



MGB Printing said...
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MGB Printing said...

There is NEW Farm Barn wedding venue on the Minnesota Scene that just opened up.

curtis03 Lewis said...

Beautiful photographs!! Yesterday I attended a barn wedding at one of local iconic wedding venues. It was a rocking evening and had a great experience. I really want to visit there again. Hopefully, will get to attend another wedding there.