on the beach

Last weekend, we had the chance to do a fun photo shoot for the Horrillo family--Jeff's aunt+uncle, and cousins. They have been so amazing to us while we've lived here. They helped us move in and get settled, invited us over for super delicious meals (introduced us to calamari and a million other things), and even threw a big party for Graham after his baptism. So a little family photo shoot felt like the least we could do for them in return.

Anyway, back to the beach. Jeff took all of the photos, of course, while G and I helped with styling, posing, hair fixing, and wave watching. :) These pics were all taken after a beautiful hike down to the remote Northeast corner of Baker Beach--super close to the bridge. But before the photoshoot, we met them at Ocean Beach for a picnic+fire, complete with brats, gourmet salads, a bottle of wine, and yes, s'mores. The entire time we've lived here, I've always wanted to have a beach bonfire, but just never got around to it. I'm pretty sure that was the last major activity I hoped to do before leaving S.F. So beach bonfire, Check! Something about grimey combination of sand, smoke and sticky s'mores just screams summer to me. It was bliss. I love these cute pics that Leslie took of us in action during the session:


Michelle said...

these pictures are gorgeous! oh my heart longs to visit san fran! :) you have a beautiful family Jess!

Anonymous said...

That family picture is great! Your husband is so talented!!!

Miss G said...

so neat! I like what they chose to wear for the photos. not the same old, same old Kelly

Rebecca said...

I saw the pics on Aunt Leslie's Facebook page. They are so beautiful! You guys did a nice job.