just in time for summer.

A brand new computer arrived at my doorstep today. That's right--a pretty little laptop and she's all mine! Since the lappy-love of my college days died a year and a half ago, I've been patiently sharing Jeff's computer with him...Not always easy, especially when he's hard-core editing photos and such. Two weeks ago we randomly found a great deal on this steal of a laptop, and the rest is history! Initially I wasn't sure that this was the best time and place to spend a bit cash, but now I'm so thankful to have something more portable, just in time for our big move. So hip, hip and to celebrate the lovely new screen in front of me, I just downloaded this awesome wallpaper by Sarah Ahearn via Kindred.


project simple life said...

Oh happy day! I got my laptop a couple months ago from my bil, Eli and I simply love it:) Happy blogging!

Tracy said...

Thanks for that link, i love those wallpapers!
Reading some of those blurbs about what summertime means to the artist really brought me back to nightgames in the old neighborhood! Oh, those were the days!

Kayt said...

Glad you aren't regretting the decision :)