guess who?

...just slept through the night last night?
and the night before last?
that's right,
that's my sweet boy.
that's 7 hours.
that's amazing.

i love my sleeping bug.
and he just figured out how to {consistently} stick his thumb/hand/fingers in his mouth to self-soothe.

i took this pic of him on the sly this a.m., my little sleepy head, watching him wake up.


Anonymous said...

YAY for sleep!! That pic of him is too cute for words!!! :D

Secondstreetdesigns said...

How exciting! And those sleepy moments are so precious.

daniella said...

Lucky mama!!! Charlie didn't do that till she was 4 months old. And he's getting so big!

Congrats, that's definitely something to celebrate.

bethany said...

Way to go, little man! :)

Elijah's Mom said...

Yay!!!! Keep that going!!!

Leslie said...

hope your move is going well. praying for you all in the transistion.