happy {first} father's day

To my sweet husband,

Mr. Graham & I are so blessed to have you. The other day I was watching the two of you together; watching G stare up at you inquisitively as you told him silly stories. Such a wonderful little moment. I could not stop thinking that I hope G grows up to be as great a guy as you are. I have loved watching you become a father and marvel at how much love there is to go around in our little trio.

You are a cute dad. I love watching the two of you nap together; a curled up little G on your chest. I love that you've perfected the diaper change and I'm so appreciative of how you're always so eager to help out. Even at 5 a.m. I'll never forget the day you turned and said to me, "People who never want to have kids don't know what they're missing."

So to the man who plays "baby elevator," proudly carries his son in a paisley-printed sling at the mall, and reads Goodnight Moon, Happy First Father's Day. You are the best.


Miss G said...

Jessica, I love your comment, "I marvel at how much love there is to go around in our little trio." Greatness! Kelly

Leslie said...

total sweetness.
happy fathers day to you Jeff..

and isn't watching this transformation of our men awesome. Im sure enjoying it!