what to do when you are due.

This week baby's due date has officially come and gone. Weird how much you can invest in just one day on the calendar. Everything depends on it. Not that I was foolish enough to think he would actually come on Monday (isn't it true only 5% of babes do arrive on their d-days?)...But I'm finding myself completely ready and anxious and just plain twiddling my thumbs this week.

I had a feeling he'd be late, but I can't help but worry that maybe he just won't come and I'll either 1. stay pregnant forever or 2. wind up getting induced (not in the birth plan!). I didn't think it would be so hard to wait, wait, wait...Especially amid all of the well-meaning calls and emails: "just checking in to see if you happened to have the baby and forgot to call me." Am trying to stay relaxed, positive, and patient.

Sort of ironic that here we are, waiting, after all those little pre-term labor scares a few months ago. But for this big, full-term, healthy baby boy, I am so incredibly thankful. And on the bright side, I had a chance to finish knitting up his little sailboat sweater. God knows the perfect time when baby+my bod will be completely ready for his big debut. And as much as I'm starving to finally hold this little man in my arms, I'm trying to cherish these last few quiet evenings of just me+Jeff. I know we'll look back longingly on these days. Some day. And who knows? Maybe we'll have an Easter baby after all.


A Smattering of Laura said...

I love the little sweater and your blog! Great job...your baby is going to be truly blessed to have such a loving and talented momma! Sam, my son, came on his due date, so I don't know what it is like to be late, but I do know the anticipation, something about the not knowing when that adds to the excitement as well as the anxiety. Hang in there, do the crafting which it seems that you do best and ENJOY your husband because believe me...that time is precious before that little baby come into this amazing world and changes life forever! Good luck with everything, and here is to a very easy, healthy, special delivery! Laura

daniella said...

Yes! Enjoy these last few days on your own. You will miss the sleep and quiet, I guarantee that. Besides, the first three months of the baby's life is considered the missing fourth trimester (I HIGHTLY reccomend you read "Happiest Baby On The Block", it will be your lifeline). Right now he's comfy and getting ready to make his debut. I'll never forget the first couple of weeks when I got home from the hospital and all I could do was cry and say I just want her back in my belly so I can sleep! Of course, the phone calls and emails don't help with the waiting ordeal. I had a scheduled c-section with my first because she was breach, but I'm going for natural this time and can only imagine with it will be like to wait...and go into labor!

I'll light a candle and say a prayer for you :-) And I hope you don't have to get induced. I think you'll do great. Maybe you can do something that will get the timing off your mind and you'll go into labor?

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

What an adorable sweater, Jessica! You make the craftiest little things.
I do know how you feel sweetie, I hope that these last days of anticipation are easier on you. I can well remember when I felt like Ryder was never going to come. I had only gained around 20 pounds but my belly was so big and so tight I just knew that if I waited one more day that our birth plan was not going to work out, because I just knew he was so big lol The Dr. told me to drink a glass of natural rasberry tea and that night I went into labor (he was born on his due date lol) And lo and behold he was a wopping 9 1/2 lbs!
Praying for a safe and natural labor for you and that all goes well. I am a little anxious with you to see that darling little sweet face :)

Leslie said...

ohhh I have never been overdue but I cannot imagine. and seriously you knit too, is there anything you don't do, this sweater is really beyond adorable, as Im sure your mini man will be... soon so very very soon.... I can't believe these spring babies are already arriving, it makes Cade seem so old!

Ohhh and go get a pedicure, some last minute ME time... I cherished it with both my babies.

Chelle said...

the only thing I can think of that could possibly be sweeter than that little hand knit by Mommy sail boat sweater is that sweater on your precious boy baby...

and the wait, although almost over, must be killer.

praying that God blesses your labor and delivery and that you feel His Hands on you and baby, the entire time.

and you and Jeff and going to be the best ever new parents, I just know it.

Becca said...

It turned out so great! It is fantastic.

have a lovely said...

oh that sweater is so very precious!!!! hang in there...maybe the bunny has a special delivery for you this easter!! :)