best of berkeley

Last Saturday I met up with my friend Becca in Berkeley for a girlfriendly adventure. We spent the afternoon sauntering around in the Elmwood district, enjoying lunch, perfect sunshine, and happened upon a few of the most delightful places on earth:
We stopped in at Ici for dessert. We knew this place was worth checking out, after seeing a line of 15+ people out its door at any given time of day. {What more advertising does a business need!?} And it's true, this place is the real deal indeed. Our short wait in line was beyond worthwhile. Their ever-changing menu offers 11+ different flavors (like burnt caramel, saffron, or meyer's lemon sorbet) by the scoopful every day. And if one of these does not tickle your fancy, they also have the most amazing ice cream sandwiches, bon bons, and bombes in store. Of course everything is handmade with sustainable, local ingredients, and at a surprisingly affordable price. Swoon! If only I could spend the rest of my days inside their cooler. Seriously, when in Berkeley, this place is a must-stop!We also strolled into one of the most enchanting shops you could ever imagine; the Tail of the Yak {photo found here, and more lovely photos here!}. This place is a true feast for the senses. Its owners have collected some of the most unique+beautiful little novelties from every corner of the earth. Ribbons, papers, trinkets, dishes, art, chandeliers, jewelry, you name it. And perhaps the most breathtaking display: The doves. Yes, beautiful white doves, nesting in a 6' wooden cage draped with beautiful satin ribbon. This is the stuff dreams are made of! We were just lost in the magic of it all. I ended up buying 3 of these {antique repro?} German Easter eggs. They look so sweet on my coffee table!

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OOOO....looks like a lot of fun!!!

I hope that baby comes soon!!!