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Every year Jeff and I make an effort to dodge the vortex of commercial Valentine's Day. You won't catch us at a restaurant on Valentine's Day night. You won't see a dozen roses arriving at my door. And even though I'm a complete lush when it comes to chocolate, we don't even exchange too many heart shaped boxes around here. And I love it this way. That's what makes Valentine's Day (and pretty much all of February) one of my favorite times of the year.Part of it stems from the fact that both of our birthdays land within a week of Feb. 14...By the time we think of and buy b-day gifts for each other, our ideas and funds are often exhausted. But mostly it's 'cause we don't need a special day of the year to celebrate the fact that we're crazy about each other. So our rule is: Keep it simple. Spend only what it takes to go a little bit out of your way and do something special to remind the other how much you love them. Make dinner. Leave random love notes. Surprise him/her with ______. Whip up a batch of heart-shaped sugar cookies, glazed with sweet deliciousness in various shades of pink. You'd be surprised how much effort it takes to be a thoughtful, cheap valentine! ;)

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Aminta said...

Agreed! This year I tried to teach my children exactly that.
They can love in ways and on days that we are not told to. We can treat someone extra specail, and show them that we care by calling, or baking, or sewing. It is much more fun to just say it without the feeling of having to.
Good for you guys!!!
How are you feeling anyhow?