and the winners...

Thanks everyone for joining in on the big birthday bash around here. We just got back from a super fun 3-day weekend visiting our lil' nephew, so am a little late at announcing the big winners! So let's not waste any more time...the winners are:
1. A kit of Martha's pretty party decorations go to Cottage Mommy
2. Can't wait to send a cutie cupcake pincushion to Noah & Ryder's Mommy
3. And a fun little flower pin is heading Rebecca's way.

Hooray for you 3 ladies! Just email me your name + mailing address at swell{dot}life{at}gmail{dot}com and I'll have your goodies in the mail in no time.

And thanks for all of the linky-love! You're all so inspiring! I am tucking away these sweet heart day ideas for next year. I am pretty dazzled by each and every one of them:
love scrapbook
heart garland
brownie bags
matchbox valentines
fortune cookie valentines

Also, I'd love to try making a few of these elegant bookmarks as Mother's Day or Christmas gifts.

And last but certainly not least, I am loving this interior design website: sproost

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Becca said...

Jessica, just take a guess who has a stash of junk jewelry that would be perfect for those bookmarks, we just need some more velvet. I could bring some. It looks like a quick project. What is happening to us? We are replacing our marathon projects with easy attainable quick crafts! (Or maybe we're just getting really good!)