{Alright, I've kept you in suspense long enough! Jeff had the camera this morning, so I just now took these pics!}

...Since today is in fact my birthday and birthdays are all about friends and fun and pretty parties, I thought I'd throw a little fling right here to celebrate all of the above. What could be more fun than sweet surprises and sharing a few minutes of my day + a few of my very favorite things with you!? So please, please cozy up, grab yourself a sweet treat and get ready to mix + mingle.

To join the party, all you have to do is leave a little comment on this post for a chance to win some pretty stinking cute free stuff. Spread the word to all of your friends and please don't be shy! For extra credit, include a little link-love about what is inspiring you today: A certain blog post? A sweet crafting tutorial? A great Valentine's Day idea? You have 'til Sunday to enter and I'll pick 3 lucky winners promptly Monday morning!

Now on to the parade of party favors:

1. Pretty party decorations. These paper flower kits from Martha Stewart Crafts are seriously essential for the next birthday bash or shower you throw. I would love to have these blooms hanging over my head just about any day!2. A tasty little cupcake pin cushion...to whet your creative appetite at your crafting table. All you have to do is add your own pins {the sprinkles on top!} Handmade by me with the help of some recycled sweaters, but ingeniously inspired by Betz White.3. And last but not least, a fun little flower pin from my etsy shop. The perfect fix for that ho-hum purse, pillow, or cardigan of yours...

Thanks for sharing my b-day with me...Now let's let the good times roll!


{eleise} said...

Happy Birthday! I always love to see all your cute ideas...by chance today I got inspired by all my buttons to make some V-day cards! =) Hope your day was great!!!

Leslie said...

Oh Jessica its your party you can give away if you want too!!!! hahaah.. All of this is such eye candy, its amazing.

First I must say how stinking thoughtfull is that on your special day, and second my tips, cause Im an extra credit kind of gal....

I think the quite secret special little treats are the best, so very a my infant last year for Valentines I made her a Cheerio necklace... It was super fun to see her enjoy the special way to eat her snack with ballons tied to the highchair!

Hope your Valentines is amazing

Sandra said...

I found your post several months ago through "Stumble Upon" and have had such a fun time reading your posts! I love birthdays! Today I have been very inspired by two things. The first is this post from the Twig & Thistle blog. http://twigandthistle.com/blog/2009/02/diy-sweetheart-brownie-valentine/ I love the home printed bags!

The second is birthday presents in general. A few of my dearest friends have birthdays soon, and I am trying to find the perfect themed gift for each. Gift #1 is going to a muffin pan, 36 cup cupcake carrying case, 3 cute packages of paper cups, and a cookbook with 500 cupcake recipes.

So, Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have a swell day!

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday! Your site is so cool, and your pic's and crafts are all so beautiful! Have a fabulous day!


Mira, Amelia, and 'rents said...

Happy birthday, Jessica! It's so fun to follow you on your blog. I can't wait to see photos of your new little man! Enjoy this birthday more than all the others!

m.a. said...
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Shannon said...

Happy Birthday! I'm always looking for an excuse to buy those Martha papercrafts! Anyway, right before coming over here I came across a cute little V-day banner. Not sure if you've been to her blog yet but she's incredibly creative!

sugarlens said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jessica! I hope you and your sweet husband did something wonderful to celebrate.

Secondstreetdesigns said...

What a fun idea. I love all the Martha Stweart party decorations. They are so fun. And I love the fact your husband painted your toenails. They are very hard to reach when you are pregnant. Don't tell but I had to enlist mine to help me shave my legs before I went in to be induced.

mama b said...

have a beautiful birthday! my inspiration today comes from the anticipation of wanting to dive into this book:


ahh! sorry the link is so long!

Dionne said...

Happy Birthday! What fun, pretty prizes!

A site with a fun Valentines idea is http://pamelasusan.typepad.com/pamela_susanup_close_pers/2009/02/the-ultimate-handmade-gumball-machine-.html

Elijah's Mom said...

Honestly the biggest thing that inspires me is your blog - I always love the bright, cheery pictures and the crafts and things you do! And hearing about your little man to be, too. :)

Cottage Mommy said...

Happy Birthday one day late! How fun to have it so close to heart day! Hope you are still feeling well so far into your pregnancy! I am at a loss as to what is inspiring me today...I guess I need to look at more blogs!

have a lovely said...

happy happy birthday girlie!!!!! i hope that it was wonderful and that you are enjoying your new "free time"!

what a lovely and oh so generous giveaway!!! i am so impressed that you made the pin cusions...i saw those on martha and it looked a little overwhelming to me...yours is adorable!!! and your flower is gorgeous and so creative too! such inspiration!

for extra credit...i can't wait to gather all the goodies and make these...http://velvetstrawberries.typepad.com/andreasingarella/2009/01/bookmark-bijoux.html not really heart's day themed, but a pretty accessory for your favorite book!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

I just wanted to peek in and say thank you for your sweet comments! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! How fun to give away on your special day!! I have to say that cupcake is SOOO SOOO ADORABLE!! I wish I could make one of those...I'd make a gazillion lol And you are expecting? When are you do? And congradulations!! It was so nice to come by here and leave feeling full of inspiration!!
Lots of love and birthday wishes to you

kt mac said...

Aaaw Jess, what a sweet giveaway. I love your little cupcake pincushions!!
And thanks for your sweet comments on my blog today - it really made me smile. hurray for becoming more like our mums lol

Now onto earning extra credit ;)

SO much has been inspiring me lately!

Firstly my new book. Amy Butler's Little STiches - I can't recommend it enough - so cute & the photography is devine :)it's got patterns for clothes, shoes, baby necessities, things for their rooms, keepsakes all in that yummy Amy Butler fabric mmm

secondly these little matchbox valentines:

and I wanted to make these fabric fortune cookies for valentines or these paper ones. But ran out of time... their cute though aren't they?



ooh and I mentioned your giveaway on my blog.

Happy Valentines !

kt mac said...

sorry that comment was HUGE!! woops

Fairlightday said...

Happy Birthday Again Jess! How exciting to do a giveaway! I love The Martha Stewart craft stuff and your sweet little cupcake pincushion is most adorable. Yummy stuff.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday and lots of celebrating. Hugs!

Amber said...

hey girlfriend-- long time, no chat. I love to drop in on your swell life for updates... especially with your new little in utero valentine! Lucky you!

Happy Birthday!

Carla said...

ooh! i love giveaways. inspiring me today is this little home style quiz:


Try it!

fooledinsf said...

happy rainy sf birthday....i always love reading about your swell life..it inspires my own

Pink of Perfection said...

happy belated birthday! those martha stewart decorations look so gorgeous!

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Jessieann said...

great giveaway! i stumbled upon your blog today and found some awesome stuff! thanks so much!

extra credit
i found this link through your site and ive been LOVING the lil tie ons for glasses and silver

Laci J said...

Today I'm inspired by this awesome clock wall art, pictured on this blog: http://kipp-n-ducky.blogspot.com/2009/03/randomocity-if-i-may.html
Happy B-DAY!!!
Laci snow_chic83@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.