things making me happy today...

: A little handmade valentine love: this adorable package of heart-shaped soap from a crafty friend

: Some sour gummies + a bowl of the juiciest pineapple pieces ever in my fridge

: One 50% Michael's coupon

: A stack of valentines ready for snail mail

: A sweet *surprise* post I've planned for tomorrow...Am so giddy to share!


kt mac said...

So as it is already Wednesday here in Oz.. I'd like to say...


hope you have/are having a wonderful day and that that Jeff of yours is truly spoiling you!!

with love from downunder xx

ps. waiting eagerly for your sweet surprise post :)

Miss G said...

It's your birthday??!! Happy, happy birthday!

Sounds like some happy things to me and I'm looking forward to the surprise post! Have a great day! Kelly

Pfeiffer Photos said...

sour gummies...YUM! happy birthday!