look who's 1!

Look who just turned 1!?! Our dashingly handsome little nephew, Elijah. We just got back from a fun trip to Denver last weekend to visit my big bro and sil Katie, and help celebrate the little lad's birthday in a very big way. It seems like just a second ago we were meeting him for the first time. And now look. He's turned into a chatting, cruising, Thomas-loving, 4-toothed, solid-scarfing, ring-stacking little wonder. We're so head over heels crazy about this kid. It's so amazing to watch him grow! And so crazy to think that in less than 2 months he'll have a mini cousin to grow up and get into all sorts of trouble with...
Here he is enjoying his official 1st B-day cake!
And a new birthday sock monkey {from this auntie} to love.

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Elijah's Mom said...

Oh gosh, I love these pics! I can't wait to see all the ones that you guys took while you were here. It was sooo fun having you visit, thanks for coming!!