belly show & tell: 34*weeks

It seems like life is flying at the speed of light lately. Is it really time for another belly show and tell? Guess so. I can't believe it's been a month since our last little pre-term labor scare that landed me neck-deep in anxiety and in the wonderful world of maternity leave at the same time. We're so so thankful that baby has decided to hang in for another month. Soon I can stop worrying about keeping him in and start worrying about how in the world I'll ever get him out.

It's all pretty exhilarating. And amazing. We are getting more and more jazzed about meeting this kiddo every day. I've been happily hauling my Dreft to the laundromat now and then, washing up all of his little sleepers, blankies, and onesies. Last week we even set up his little crib. I can't wait to fill in the last few missing pieces so I can take pics of his finished little nursery {corner}! :) But somehow all of these exciting preparations didn't jar me as much as the fact that my mom just booked a plane ticket to fly out and meet the little man. Reality check: I will not, I can not stay pregnant forever. {But sometimes I'm tempted to trade in my sleepless nights of reflux and bathroom breaks for sleepless nights of baby crying, feeding, + bonding.} It's weird to be making definite plans about life after his arrival! It's like this: I am due April 6. Easter is April 12, and I'm thinking it would make a cool story if he got here just before or on Easter Sunday. And my mom comes April 18...So he really needs to be here by then!! Cra-razy.

I just know that no matter how much we plan and prepare, our whole world will turn upside down and we'll be completely blown away by it all the day he is born. Such big changes are headed our way. Goodbye freedom, girlish figure, sleeping in, and other childless luxuries. Hello stinky diapers, sleep deprivation, and motherhood OCD. But I also have a feeling that it's going to be the best thing ever. I have faith that God is blessing us big time here. Am trusting that He knows what He's doing; sending us this little babe at the exact right time in our lives...Even though I feel like we are both still babies! And I'm praying that He'll fill us up with all of the love, patience, strength, and wisdom we need to raise this little guy. I know it won't be easy, but I'm feeling up for the challenge. It's going to be such a ride. I can't even wait.


kt mac said...

aaw Jess, it is getting close huh?
So excited for you guys and adoring this photo - did you take it yourself or did Jeff?
I think it should be framed :)

and.. once again am LOVING your floors!!
can't wait to see baby's 'corner' :)

Michelle said...

Just precious, you are. :)
How exciting!! I'm thrilled for you!

Cottage Mommy said...

Dare I say...? I think you still have your girlish figure at 8 months pregnant! That is a darling picture of you! Way to go on all your little projects! I think all I did when I was on bed rest with my first was read books and watch t.v.! You are way more productive! I had my first baby April 18th....good month to have a baby! Oh, I received the cute MS party decor yesterday...thank you so much! So much fun to pull in the driveway and see a package on my doorstep!

Leslie said...

Oh Jes you may just keep that girlish figure after all!!

and oh how life will be rocked..

for the better.. it will be the best ride of your life! : )

Soon, so soon!!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

I love that cute belly picture! You are so darling! You are going to experience the most wonderful and exhillerating ride and experience of your life, my friend...I'm so excited for you!! BTW I recieved the most ADORABLE little cupcake pin cushion today!! Thank you thank you thank you so much!!! It is true eye candy and I am already determined to find the perfect place for it on my desk next to my sewing machine :)
Much love you mommy-to-be!!

Aminta said...

Beautiful, just beautiful.
Loves seeing this and reading of your life lately. How is the "late pregnancy" going? :) LATE PREGNANCY!! YAY!
Loves to you!

rinse*repeat said...

What a beautiful photo :) It looks like you've kept yourself quite busy!

Casey said...

very exciting jessica!! thank you for your comment and prayers... :)

project simple life said...

I love hearing about the baby updates! Can you believe that it's just a little over a month until your due date?! So exciting...