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It's been a busy little week around here and I must confess, I've been one holed up busy bee. I was determined to meet my goal and conquer a project a day this week...Even if that meant being asocial & avoiding the temptations and distractions of blogland as much as possible, because free time is a terrible thing to waste. {Hard core, I know!} So as a reward, here I am lumping together one big post of a week's worth of adventures:
Slaving over catching up on baby thank yous. Why am I even complaining? It's safe to say that our little man will be born with a silver spoon in his mouth. I can't even believe all of the baby gifts (and therefore thank you notes!) we've received already, with just one shower down and 2 to go! And the babe hasn't even made his debut yet!! We're feeling beyond blessed by all of the precious little baby things + loving cards coming our way. It feels a little bit like getting married all over again; it's one sweet way to start a family. And I feel like making extra-cutesy handmade thank yous is the least I can do in return. {Chartreuse stationery, buggy & thank you stamps, striped paper all from Paper Source!}

Tuesday night sewing classes are fully underway! And am having such a blast. Meeting some cool new girls in my class. Feeling super excited and inspired by the possibilities that lie within my sewing machine. Picked up this book last weekend at Barnes and Noble, mostly for its pretty pictures and also for its variety of straightforward, practical patterns. So far I love it! My only gripe is that the patterns are all lumped together on two big pages. That means get out your tracing paper! {Annoying, but worth it for such cute patterns.} I am starting out by making a quick pair of PJ pants with this cute Amy Butler fabric. Then moving on to baby projects galore! Can't wait! Ooh, and I've just learned that Lotta Jansdotter is coming out with a book of baby sewing projects later this spring. I am dying to get my hands on it...
I'm on a mission to get Jeff's life history nailed down in a photo album. His mom had a great start on his first 6 years, but unfortunately that album took a lickin' with all of the years of love {and moves} it endured. So I've started over at day 1, and am hoping to speed through the rest of his years before it's time to start archiving our baby's life! I'm averaging approximately 2 years, 10 pages, and one roll of adhesive per day. :) It's been so fun spending time with all of his kiddy pics. I've just been daydreaming, wondering if his son will have the same cute expressions, or the same little habits {e.g. his munchkin trademark of cozying up with 2 left fingers in mouth, right hand in hair}. Am using the 12x12 Martha Stewart albums from Michael's. They seem really classic and durable, and so far, so good!{Thursday:}
Got out of the house and got into a little trouble...I needed to make a quick run to Target and found myself at the maternity store in the mall doing a little damage. {Dear Jeff, I know I only have a month and a half to go, but wearing the same clothes every week was killing me. I promise this was the last shopping spree. I promise to be cute + content for the rest of this pregnancy...And look at the bright side, I have a jumpstart on my wardrobe for baby #2!} Round out the afternoon with a little Jamba Juice, {my newest little obsession is Pomegranate Heart Happy}, and my day was pretty much bliss.
Starting on Thursday night, I curled up on the couch for Office + E.R. and set out to breathe life into another batch of monkeys. Finished them up this afternoon in between yoga + hanging out w/ Jeff. :) And this, the newest generation will have velcro on their hands to make more monkey mischief with. I still need a few as personal gifts + a special order brewing, but I am still planning to add a monkey or two to the etsy shop (along with some other fun goodies) in the next few weeks!!


Michelle said...

As always, I am just loving your blog. :) I rarely comment, but I think you are so cute & creative, and you inspire me to break out my old project books and get kicking on scrapbooking and knitting again. :) (I wish I knew how to sew!) How fun it would be to have a real life creative friend like you. :) Your little boy will be very blessed indeed with a Mama like you! :)

kt mac said...

what a lovely week Jess.
I love the idea with the monkeys with velcro on their hands, they'd look cute hanging from stuff I reckon!
also loving the pjama pant material. They will look devine. and good luck with the sewing endeavors :)

Becca said...

Man, see I told you! I knew you would be a whirlwind of productivity! It will be cute to see Jeff's baby book. I like the new clothes. Sometimes those shopping sprees are necessary! My sock monkey still lies on my crafting floor armless--it will get done!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

those are the cutest monkeys I have ever seen...EVER!!! You are so talented!!

Kayt said...

Are we just not telling Jeff about the shopping spree we are going on in a couple of weeks?! :) I'm glad to see you blogging again!

Elijah's Mom said...

Dear Jeff, not only does Jessica need those clothes but the mothers of at least some of your future neices and nephews will probably end up wearing some of them too. ;)

Miss G said...

such a fun post! I need to get working on thank yous myself!!! Kelly

SOentertained said...

Jessica, you never cease to amaze me. Thanks for sharing!

Pen Pen said...

I need some Jamba today! My friend, Brittany and I go there and get wheat grass shots that we treat like shots of alcohol---It's like, "Hit me again, bartender!" :)
...and u are so cute pregnant! I'm worried my look will go bad like Kate Hudson's did...let's hope not!