what's for supper

This is my favorite cookbook, hands down. It's an integral part of my daily life. It's saved my life on numerous occasions with idiot-proof recipes to serve guests. I received this book as a bridal shower gift and I can't rave about it enough. I consult it nearly every time I write a grocery list. It has some of the yummiest, simplest recipes ever. Yes--all ingredients that you've actually heard of. And did I mention that everythings pretty healthy? Straightforward+fast+delicious is what I'm all about. A few of my favorite ultimately fabulous recipes inside:
*Chicken+blueberry pasta salad with creamy tarragon dressing
*Crab on a muffin
*Chicken+avocado+red bell pepper wraps
*Mushroom+bell pepper+ham frittata
*Baked salmon+fresh fruit salsa
*Lemon rice+pine nuts
*Zucchini boats
*Grilled flank steak+soy marinade
*Mini cheesecake+blueberry sauce
*Berry cobbler
Maryana Vollstedt (the genius behind it all!) has several other books that I'm curious to try. Any recommendations?

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Krissy said...

Oh! I am going to have to check that book out. It all sounds so yummy!

I'm a big fan of the "Best Ever Three & Four Ingredient Cookbook" by Jenny White