welcome berries

My tastebuds are rejoicing: Strawberry season is in full swing! Amazing year 'round produce is probably the #1 perk of living in California. Seriously. It's unreal. Lately the strawberries around here have been extra succulent extra sun-kissed and extra dirt cheap. And they'll stay that way until fall. Last night Jeff & I completely indulged with our 2 pints of heavenly bright red and exactly ripe berries. Hanging in. Just the two of us. I cherish these rare quiet evenings.

Chocolate covered strawberries & whipped-cream topped daquiris. These are a few of my favorite things.We also celebrated the much-anticipated (for me anyway!) viewing of Juno. It completely lived up to the hype. It's darling. Ellen Page was perfect & I really loved Jennifer Garner. And I doubly love the fact that it takes place in good old Minnesota!! The only lame part about it was that I somehow missed seeing it in the theaters. Glad I'm officially up to speed with the world.


Leslie said...

we watched it the other night too and with strawberry shortcakes... yumm..

gosh this all looks yummy.

Sara Christine said...

Oh isn't strawberry season simply amazing? I am on a strawberry binge. Strawberries in my cereal, in my salads, in my smoothies...Yum yum yum!