sf dreams

This weekend has been nothing short of absolutely gorgeous weather and makes me love, LOVE living in S.F.! (Sorry dear friends/fam reading from the Midwest...Hopefully this post will be impetus for paying us a visit or at least give you a glimpse of the Spring to come!)

On this perfect day to be alive, Jeff & I & our new baby Nikon took a family stroll around Pac Heights. The trees in the park were blossoming...in February!I have a laundry list of dream homes here in the city and this neighborhood is dripping with the sort of things I have in mind. In fact, just about anything built circa 1900 will do. The blue beauty above has me salivating at this very moment. Even if I won't be living here or there anytime soon, dreaming and collecting snapshots are free for now! :)
After our leisurely hike & photo shoot we can't leave the 'hood without stopping for treats at our beloved La Boulange bakery. I couldn't help but snap this one of Jeff inhaling his raspberry tart. He was even nice enough to save me a bite. Delectability=100%

Hope you're also finding some sunshine in your life this weekend!


Ames said...

JEALOUS! Yes I'll admit it! It is negitive crazy somthing here with a windsheid of bitter cold and I must walk an hour to school in it tomorrow! Wishing you a warm and happy birthday (tomorrow) dear jessica!
love Ames

Fairlightday said...

Happy Birthday Jessica!

chelle said...

Happy, happy little day...for celebrating you! Wishing you a birthday that's postively swell.

Becca said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you're having fun creating! We're going to have some techniques to try on the blog today!

Abbey said...

How fantastic is the weather?? My parents (in KY) were none too pleased to hear me talking about how it ...and how I was enjoying my hammock in the warm sun. Oh California...you are making me so happy right now!